Zoho assist- Do more with a top remote App

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Zoho Assist steps in where you need the app most. Whereever your PC is, this remote app gives you online and offline access. PC is at the office or Home. Perhaps yours might be you need to access a particular file from a PC elsewhere. Or you need technical support from a location not nearby. Another function you can use Zoho for is to provide remote customer support services.

Zoho Assist, remote app for tech support services

Ten Feature of Zoho Assist that is important for day to day businesses

Zoho Assist let you have instant remote to servers, PC, Mobile devices with little efforts. Here are ten basic features of Zoho cloud-support software that can be important to for your business.

Customer Support becomes Easier with Unattended Zoho Assist

With Zoho Assist you have remote access to customer’s systems from anywhere you want it. Carry out customer services from your comfort and the comfort of your customers. This will boost the confidence of your customer and saves time that would have cost them for office appearance.  

Make your help desk officer’s job easier

With Zoho Assist your help desk officer is thanking you. This is because you have made his or her job becomes easier. With Zoho, customer’s complaints can be resolved remotely. This saves confrontation in some customer service situations. Finally, This helps, speed up resolution.

File Transfer

File transfer at the right time may save a lot. Zoho Assist lets you transfer files. Install patches that could be critical to the life of a particular system. Install updates from the convenience of wherever you are.

Interactive Video Support

With Zoho Assist is possible to have remote interactive support assist with your customers. Swap screen, take notes during support.  Another key feature is that you can switch monitors. More importantly, the important CTRL + alt+ delete is available with Zoho.  Customer can copy from your clipboard and you can also copy from theirs, all these you can do during video assist.

Multiple Monitor Assist with Zoho Assist

If you are troubleshooting a central computer system, You can switch between any number of monitors connected to that particular computer system. Reboot a particular system while your connection to an ongoing remote computer still remains.

Invite Technician

If you find yourself in need of a third-party technician. Zoho Assist is with you. You have access to any number of technicians you want. By sending invites to them. You let an invited technician continue your support session.

Third-Party Utility Software Integration

Zoho assist understands you might need other software. This is why the remote app is integrated with other desk and CMS software. These applications include service desk utilities. CRM solutions you might come in need of. Examples of such software include Zendesk, Jira, Freshdesk, Spiceworks, G Suite, etc.

Session Recording

At a click, Zoho assist let you record every support session. You can easily look back at these recorded sessions. Create comprehensive audit reports. Audit report let you know who did a particular technical work. Create a knowledge base of every technical work carried out. Know the efficiency of your technical staff. Zoho also lets you choose the qualities of your recorded video.

Zoho Assist Security and Privacy Setting

You need to worry less about security. This is because Zoho use a two-factor authentication mechanism. That is called Secure Socket layer certification, an encryption mechanism use to secure files transfer from end to end. Zoho Assist is also very compatible with all the major antivirus software out there. Consent based access feature is also integrated with this very good remote support software. You can also choose to make your IP address information anonymous.


With Zoho you can brand anyhow as you want with customization tools. Configure email so that your email looks consistent with your communications with customers. You add and remove technicians as you want them.

There other remote access software like Teamviewer and PCAnywhere that provides remote support assist. But the most popular among big brands is Zoho. You can red this article on Dameware


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