Zelle- One of the most trusted Payment Platform

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Zelle is one of the easy ways you can send money between banks. With an Email or a Mobile number you easily carry out end to end transaction. Meaning, no matter where your bank is you get to send and receive funds. The platform is a free to use payment platform. If your bank is not using this payment platform, you can download the app to start using it. Money you sent through this app is received within minutes of sending. When you use this money app, you don’t get charged. Except if your bank charge you.

Zelle, Top bank fast online platform of America

Eight Facts about Zelle you might not know

Here eight major facts about this platform that can help you.

Enrolling your bank or Card with Zelle

It is very easy to enroll with Zelle. You can use Visa or master card on this digital payment network. Whenever you are enrolling your card, provide accurate information. Accurate information are information your bank have about your card.

Getting Started With Zelle

Before downloading this app, Be sure your bank is not already using it already. If your bank is on the payment platform, in the online banking app of your bank you will find Zelle. The android app and the IOS app is available for download on Google play store and Apple store. And all you need to start using this banking app is to your details.

Zelle is it secure

Zelle use a secure authentication mechanism to protect your account. You can connect only one bank account with your profile. You need not worry yourself with the security, since it’s a very protected banking method.

Switching bank accounts

With this app is very possible to change your bank account often.  To change your account only requires you to tap switch account from the app.

Zelle For Business

You can only use this banking app only if your bank offers Zelle. Meanwhile, there is no limit to amount of funds you can always transfer. The only limitation can come from your bank Institution.

Funds Disbursement

Transferring and receiving money is fast. Zelle does not require addition information from receiver at point of collection. If funds was transferred to you using this network and you mistaking delete the email asking you to register. Worry less, because all you need to do is go to the official website and enroll.

Availability of Zelle in your country

The payment network is only available in United State, If you are living in USA territories, this service is not available. And users must have bank accounts within United States banks.

 Worthy of note is that when sending money. It is very safe you send money to only people you trust. Check before clicking to transfer funds. The reason is that receiver gets funds very fast with this money funding service. It actually takes minutes to get funds through this channel.

Zelle have a network of 992 banks within USA. From Bank of America to Chase bank. The lists are just too many.  Network partners include mastercard and visa.  Processor partners are CoOP, Fis, Fiserv, Jack Henry and Associates.  This is actually a huge network that helps improve experiences with bank transactions.

You can download Zelle here, To read about Paypal Venmo use this post on the payment platform.


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