Worldwide Shipping- Marine Shipping and Land Shipping

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There are shipping companies worldwide meanwhile nothing like getting the best companies to ship your items wherever part of the world you are. Cost is another major road block when it comes to shipping our items. You could order your items from Euro-Asia while you reside in America. But how do you choose a shipping firm. There are so many factors to consider apart from cost. Delivery schedule is also another major factor to be considered. Quantities of your items are also key to choosing a shipping line. This post will do a lot of help in your decision on how to choose.

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Top worldwide shipping companies across the world

Below are the lists of top most worldwide shipping firms;


Worldwide shipping is quite easy with UPS. with presence in more than 220 countries you can put your mind at rest when UPS do your shipping.  Individuals, enterprise either large or SME can actually use UPS for shipping any quantities of items. UPS express critical steps when your shipping need is urgent and critical. For more delicate items UPS get them where you need them most as quick as possible. UPS Campus-ship is a form of shipping service that let you centralize your shipping items more. When you need to deliver items across multiple buildings this service is highly valuable and timely.

DHL shipping worldwide

This is another worldwide shipping company that can be trusted for their reputation. DHL have one of the best express services when your shipping need is urgent. With lots of tracking solutions and software you actually can monitor items as they move. DHL offers both international and domestic shipping services. The domestic service lets you ship items from locations to other locations within your country. DHL return shipment service let you easily return items to where you order them from. The most interesting shipping fact about DHL could be the range of tools they have to help you fast track the items you ordered.

FedEX Worldwide shipping

Another world wide shipping company based that is based in America. When you order an item through FedEX. You can always sign up for FedEX delivery manager. Delivery manager let you get message and keep track of your items. As you get messages you can easily tell your driver where to drop the items. Retuning items too is quick and sharp with FedEX. With a government issued ID you can request someone to pick a package on your behalf. Although, FedEX can hold your package at any of their locations, but once is tend days your items are returned back to the shipper.  The company has lots of great shipping policies.

Top three Marine world Wide Shipping firm

There are lots of shipping companies that transport cargoes across the Ocean worldwide. But here are the lists of three most popular marine shipping firms.

Ocean Network Express

This is worldwide shipping company has lot ways it’s very good. The company philosophy of one means they consider customers as partners. They specialize in moving all kinds of cargoes. These include dangerous and delicate items. No matter how large or fast you want your cargo. You can easily track your items as they move from location to location.  This great worldwide shipping firm has head offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, The UK and the USA, also South America in Brazil. The company can move items across any part of the ocean.


Hapag-Lloyd shipping companies have a worldwide presence across continents. This firm lets you get your quote within 30 seconds. With just a single click you can get to book your items. The shipping firm has a mobile app for users to be able to make orders easily. On the website you can easily enter your container number to receive tracking information about your containers.  With Cargo insurance you can pay to have better security cover for your items.

Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation

This Taiwan shipping company also transports cargoes to ports across the world. It has a historical origin of 1972. YM can move any kinds of goods.  This firm has powerful ships. YM Wonderland and YM wisdom cost huge 99million dollars to build. Most of their ships are built at Japan, Imabari Ship building. There are is a tracking code for you to track your containers just as other worldwide shipping firm.

There are more shipping firms that are very good at what they do. And they all promised fast delivery. But you can do personal background research on any shipping firm you are engaging worldwide.  Read about Amazon business on this post to learn more on Amazon shipping policies.


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