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Facebook launched workplace facebook. Workplace a media platform for employers. Our friends, family, and love ones are a minute away from us with Facebook. Workplace from Facebook is not about our friends or family. The workplace app is a paid version of Facebook. For internal collaboration and communication. Workplace is more like slack, but employers pay per user basis using Workplace.

Facebook Workplace- The benefits for Employers

Workplace connects everyone together. Through groups, Chat, Rooms, Live video and broadcasting you can send your message across to your teams. Today, it’s easy for managers and team heads to issues directives. We all know that on the desk, with loads of tasks on hand its quite easy for directives to be abandoned. With workplace, you follow through with teams to ensure directives.

Survey Through WorkPlace Facebook App

Through workplace it’s easy to study comments and reactions to see how an employee feels about an idea. Carry out surveys to sample everyone’s opinion, with this employees have a sense of belonging. They know they have a voice, and they will be listen too when they lend their voice.

Security access control

Security access control is something that Facebook workplace has brought to the table. Employers through workplace can easily designate what employees have access too through G Suite and Azure.

Sectionalize Teams Using workplace

Sectionalize teams is another feature of workplace Facebook. You create groups for every team, from marketing to project planning.

Company Product Review

Product review becomes easier using workplace. Nothing is better than transparency when it comes to product review. Everyone wants a voice and is better for products. Imagine a sales company has just launch a new clothing sale line. workplace let every employee’s offers their opinion on how this affects the rest of the products.

Auto-Translate From foreign Languages

Auto-Translate, Facebook Workplace comes with an auto-translate feature. This will let employees convert any foreign language to their home language. This feature is especially useful for companies that cut across regions.

Workplace Company Collaboration

Company collaboration tools also have been integrated with Facebook workplace. Two companies can collaborate with one another for partnership through the workplace app.

Workplace Facebook Organization Chart

Org chart is another good feature thet lets you look up coworkers on teams. Check locations and team structure, team leads, and managers are also visible through Org chart.

Worplace Facebook Enterprise Live

Enterprise live makes it easier for you to live video streaming. Live video streaming uses peer-to-peer technology that have little effect on network.

Workplace Facebook File Storage

File Storage, each employee have storage of 1 Terabyte. This is enough storage for users to exchange or store document on the cloud.

Third-Party Directory Integration

Access to directory integration works to enable user access to tools they use often. Other tools such as Google drive, Dropbox and any other office tools can be integrated with workplace.

24/7 Facebook Team Support

Support is round the clock on you sign up your team for Workplace Facebook. Lots of Facebook teams are on their desk waiting to assist you at any single instance.

So how much do you pay to get all these benefits. For advance users, companies pay 4 dollars per user. Enterprise Users pay 8 dollars. Nestle, Farmers insurance and AstraZeneca are all testifying,. To learn about earning through your Facebook page, follow this link.


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