Windows 10 Update Doesn’t Have To Be Hard Fixing

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Windows 10 update has been available since May 2020. The OS is a series of Microsoft System software released after windows 8. Normally to ensure that systems run smoothly Microsoft often releases updates and patches for her OS. Updates are often available through Microsoft websites. The technicality around Microsoft windows 10 updates is often not complex. In order to have your PC safe from vulnerabilities is best to regularly have your PC updated.

Window 10 updates, fixing and troubleshooting problems should not be hard

The need to keep your PC regularly updated is very core for the performance of your PC.

How to check for new updates on windows 10

There are several ways you can check for new windows update. Either through your PC or the web, you can always look for a new update.

Open Settings on your PC.  From settings, easily find Update and Security.  Click on Update and Security, from here click on windows update. Once you found an update after search. Click on download to download the new update.

When your update has finished downloading, easily update your windows 10 by installing the downloaded update.

Common problems with windows updates and fixing them

If you have just updated your windows 7 and 8 to 10, here are problems you could encounter after updates. One major problem that normally results in a major error is storage space.

Before trying to fix up problems associated with updates, be sure you have an admin account on your PC.  The second thing you might need to do is to backup all your files to another storage drive or to the cloud.

Before going along with your update, first, check up your storage sizes. If your device has less than 16Gb storage size there could be a failure with the windows 10 update.  Free up storage by uninstalling some unused apps or by deleting unwanted files.

Restart your PC. Save up your work and closes all open apps. After you have restarted your PC, Go to the Start menu and choose power. Either select Update and Restart or Update and shut down.

Another possible way there could be an error with your update. After installing an update there could be more updates for windows 10. This is why is usually very important at the time to check for updates again after an update.

The other way you can identify a persistent issue with windows update. Check device management. If any device has a yellow mark next to it you can easily select an action and choose either to update the device driver or uninstall such drivers.

There are lots of reasons why a window 10 OS is very advantageous. Chief of them is the fact that the new Windows 10 comes with a very powerful antivirus. The OS runs faster compared to the earlier windows version. Microsoft has discontinued support for some of the earlier OS. Since January 2020, Microsoft stopped supporting windows 7. So it is very important to update to windows 10 if you are on windows 7. Visit this post to read about top browsers to use in 2021.