Who Is Sophia The Robot? That the World are Talking about

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Many have argued how powerful is David Hanson’s humanoid Sophia robot intelligence. Since the early 90’s computer scientists have always been hoping for artificial intelligence will advance to the level, robots will be able to hold conversations with humans. Simulate daily human activities. Sophia had her first major appearance at the southwest festival in March 2016. Sophia is the first robot to have received the citizenship of a country. The government of Saudi Arabia in October 2017 granted Sophia citizenship.  Sophia at her simplest can hold a conversation on general subjects like weather and also grant answers to simple questions.

Sophia the robot who she is

What are humanoids and How Intelligent is Sophia the Robot?

Humanoids are AI systems that are designed to imitate human behaviors. They are designed to assist with simple tasks. Such simple tasks include sweeping, moving trays, assist with parks and help in carrying out simple tasks for humans. Humanoids like Hason’s Sophia robot can serve as companions to the aged and others alike. Sophia is market as a social robot. Social means that Sophia should be able to give a handshake, open doors, give high-fives, etc.

Interesting Facts about Sophia The Robot

There are lots of interesting things to know about Sophia. This is the humanoid that has command so much reverence from she’s the human community the most. These are the interesting fact you should know about Sophia;

Every February 14, Sophia celebrates her birthday

On February 14 this year Sophia became five years old. What does she mean for a robot to be five years old? Unlike humans that grow taller as they age. The robot is made up of programmed logic and wired arms or legs. She can’t behave the same attributes has a five-year-old child is expected to behave. But Sophia at five has a recognition skill more powerful than that of the human who has started recognizing face from 8 months old.

Sophia Can sing with a voice

Sophia on the 21st of November, 2018 sang Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something” on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as host. This event stands as the first robot-human duet ever. Cereproc is the company that designed Sophia’s voice using the text to speech technology.

Sophia is the Robot that likes to travel

A robot has visited more countries than most humans. Sophia as of 2021 has visited more than 60 countries of the world. When Sophia visited India on what will be her second visit in 2020. She admonishes the students to prepare for their exams that she knows they are oncoming. Watch Sophia using this link as she speaks to the students.

Sophia is a Celebrity Speaker at Events

She also was part of the speakers available on the London Bureau of speakers. Sophia can command empathy and love, learn skills, and event explain a certain phenomenon. Therefore you can always bolster your event with Sophia.

Sophia is on major Social Media Platforms

Follow up with Sophia on her social media pages. Sophia like others is available on different social media platforms as @realsophiarobot. Sophia on her Instagram account has more than 150k followers and only follows 128. The social media accounts use an AI dialogue system and a human social media team for account management.

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