Using Shadowplay To Maximum Geforce Gaming Experience

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Nvidia Shadowplay feature in the Nvidia experience application is your best friend if you love nvidia games. Geforce games are fun-packed and we love to play them when those free times are available. The issue most enthusiasts have during game playing is that these features might look a bit complex for first-timers. Perhaps you only want to only access overlays but it isn’t just working. When Nvidia introduced the shadowplay feature, every game enthusiast would not stop using the experience app. But some basic features may seem unavailable in the app. Here are a few tricks and tips to using Shadowplay.

Using Nvidia Shadowplay to maximum gaming experience or desire

Top Tips and Tricks for Shadowplay

Your graphics card driver would not work with shadowplay because you do not have nvidia graphics driver. Well, here is the good news. If you have a gaming graphic card but it is not nvidia ge-force. There is no need to worry you can always download Nvidia Geforce Experience.

Downloading Experience

Download your gaming app using this link. Once the page loads, Click download. The application would make you enjoy your games once you have the app downloaded and installed. With Shadowplay feature take screenshots and live stream the best moment of your games with your friends.

Streaming on Shadowplay Geforce Experience not working

Here it is, you might be having issues if your PC does not meet the requirements for streaming.  Normally the basic requirement for streaming games is 4 Gig ram and above.  Geforce driver could also not be installed properly. Check to see if you have a core i3 processor or above PC. Your PC needs to be  GeForce GTX 650 or higher for desktop and  GTX 700M or higher for notebooks.  Generally, the experience app works on a basic PC.

Now that you have actually confirmed your PC meets all of the basic requirements. Here are basic issues you might encounter with Shadowplay.

How to Use the Overlay

Shadowplay has a superb overlay UI you need to know how to use. To start the overlay quickly press ‘Alt + Z’ from your keyboard. Another means is by clicking the share icon. Once you have done these, there options to choose from to lets you start recording your favorite moments and share. Your recordings are supported even in 8k HDR 30 FPS recording for RTX 30 Graphics cards. To start recording press the hotkeys ‘Alt + F9’.

Broadcasting live to YouTube

No one has ever thought broadcasting could be this easy. With Shadowplay all you need to do to start broadcasting live to YouTube is click on ‘Broadcast’. Choose a live stream service and you can stream up to 1080p 60FPS.

In-Game Screenshot Capture with 4k Upload

Quickly press Alt + F1 to capture game screenshots and quickly save them to your gallery. Geforce allows uploading of close to 13Mb which gives room for larger-sized screenshots.

There are plenty of games to choose from on GeForce. You can start enjoying Shadowplay features on Experience right now. Visit this post to learn about the Comcast X1 streaming service.