Social Influencers- Become A Social Media Celebrity

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Social Influencers post content on social network platforms regularly. That they have built a certain number of engaged followers. They are usually knowledgeable about a particular niche of knowledge. Social Influencers become internet celebrities later on. Celebrities mean they become popular for that niche. For example, a popular cop, that everyone loves, is a celebrity cop. This cop can create a social media page and become popular on the internet by posting police info. As a social influencer, he could get paid by becoming a social media marketer. Also, by carrying out social media campaigns for brands wishing to get their product known.

Social Media Influencers, Have fun while Making money through blogging and vlogs

How To Become A Social Influencer

Becoming a social Influencer is often easy. Social Influencer is coined from this phrase ‘Social Media Influencer”. This means to become a social Influencer you must have an online presence. These are social media channels to start from.


Have a YouTube channel around a particular topic. Build a certain amount of subscribers. And on a regular ensure you keep posting around your niche. Even if you have 10 subscribers who constantly check up your videos, you can influence these ten subscribers, does this means you are now a social influencer? Literarily you are. But on the actual, you need to have a medium to large scale following.  An example of a major social Influencer on YouTube is ‘David Dobrik’.

Twitter Social Influencers

This is another social media platform that you can use to become a Social Influencer. Twitter is a micro-blogging social media channel. On this platform, some become influencers through twitting about football. Some through twitting about celebrities. Virtually you can tweet about any topic you dim fit. But to become an Influencer, you want to command respect on your knowledge about a particular niche.


I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘Facebook Influencer’ before. You can become an Influencer on Facebook. The best way to become a social Influencer on Facebook is to convert your account to a page. Thereafter choose your category and start engaging your fans on the subject you want. There are so many Facebook Influencers you can study. Once you study these influencers you too can start building your own fans and become an influencer.


This social media app is own by Facebook. It let you build your fan base by uploading image, video, and text contents. By constantly uploading around your niche you become a social influencer when you grow your fan base.


On TikTok, you create animes, funny content, or any video content you want. Your content through this channel can go viral. This means you can target a huge fan base with a particular post.

Types of Social Influencers

There are many types of Influencers, either influenced through their field of choice, or based on the number of followers they have gathered.


Bloggers publish content regularly around a particular niche. The bloggers who do video content only are known as vloggers. They engage their fans by constantly blogging to them on a particular subject.


Journalists have powerful personalities in any community. Therfeore, they are a force to go to for the latest happenings. Through this they can make use of online channels to become a social Influencer.

Mega Social Influencers

These are TV stars, celebrities in entertainment. Their field of choice have already give them a voice to be listen to. Therefore when these celebrities hit social media platforms, they garner fans with less efforts.

Micro Social Influencers

These influencers  are knowledgeable about certatin field. They could be from any line of profession. They build followers who have interest in their profession. For example a Gym instructor can build his followers  who have interests  in body building.

Nano Social Influencers

They are also called community influencers. People in this category, usually have followers between 100 to 500. One thing they do is that the only contents that interest their followers are what you found on theirs feed.


Activist, post contents around social change. these Influencers are usually influenced by political happenings around them. They are the go-to for politicians and fans who have an interest in their cause.

There are a few other types of influencer out there. Your profession can guide you in deciding the type of social influencer you can become.



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