Single Page Applications- Top Web Technology

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Single-page applications are websites that dynamically interact with the user by using user data to change the website. This is unlike the normal process of loading new pages.  The page in single-page apps does not reload at any point in time but the technologies used for creating SPA Apps might create this perception. One of the most popular technologies raising the standard for SPA apps is AngularJS from Google. Although there are other competitors like React and Vue.JS. One of the major challenges SPA have is optimization, unlike progressive web applications that could be easily optimized for search engines.

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Advantages of Single Page Applications

There are lots of reasons why development teams might chose single page depends on the type of app. Development time for SPA apps are not as time consuming as multiple page apps. There is a clear separation of content and data.

Single Page Applications are fast and very responsive

Because single page apps only load the page one time they are usually very fast. Another great benefit is that only the required contents will be load in SPAs, while data is transfer to fro the server. This usually have an overall impact on businesses. When a website loads very fast and is responsive, businesses would increases in profits.

Fast Development Time

Multiple page applications due to the number of pages needed to complete the entire work. Development time is often longer than it will takes for a single page application. Developers also spend lesser times debugging the entire apps. There are even lots of framework that has makes the processes of developing single page apps faster. With AngularJS you could easily develop an app within short days.  Most often, the apps needed to create single page apps often has debugging features that let you debug easily. And since the codes are fewer than will be needed in multiple page apps, developers spend less time in debugging.

User Interface

Since single-page apps only need one single page for optimal performance. Development teams could leverage this to concentrate more efforts on the look and feel of the app. Beautiful UI and UX could generate more sales for businesses. Users are often attracted by beautiful UI. EmberJS is one framework that could help you if UI and UX are the top priorities for your app.

Debugging With Chrome

Single Page Apps lets you debug easily with Chrome. You can easily inspect page elements with Chrome. HTML tags, JavaScript codes and even images could easily be investigated with Chrome.

Disadvantages of Single Page Applications

  1. Search Engine Optimization is often tough with Single Page Apps. To optimize one will need another dedicated server-render site for SPAs.
  2. Another disadvantage is analytics since single-page apps are not real pages. There would be a need to write another code for analytics.
  3. Since don’t need to reload a page, a page can stay open for a long time which often could lead to memory leaks.
  4. Single page apps often depend a lot on JavaScript, not all users would enable JavaScript at times. This is another disadvantage of SPAs.

There are other disadvantages of SPAs but there are lots of technological ways of fixing these problems. Lots of development teams would continue to use single Page Apps despite these advantages for their benefits. Visit this post to read about progressive Web Apps.