Reddit- Top Communities to Join for the latest Trends

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Reddit social network is the online community for all hot in the pan trendy gist. The community has lots of other various in-built communities users could join. In-video streaming and loads of thousands of funny and entertaining memes are reasons the app is one of the best social apps.

Top social app for keeping up with the latest trends

Top communities to join on Reddit

Depending on your interests, there are hundreds of communities to join on Reddit. Meanwhile, here are the top communities you can easily search for and become a member of.


This Reddit community has over 1million members. Members post videos and screenshots of people who like to act like they are weird. You would see funny gifs and trending information about this type of people. Despite how the name of this group sound, you will not get to see videos that preach violence in any form. What you see is just a piece of funny content. Members can post gifs of a politician, celebrity or they don’t like and call them a piece of shit.


Reddit trashy as of the 12th of March this group has 2.3 million members.  The group is about trashy events or stories. Members can post whatever is below standard, fake, not genuine, too proud, too foolish, and so on. In this group, You should not post a disgusting bathroom or body wastes and so on, You can temporarily lose your account if you do. The post has to be funny for others and anything that turns you off will be inappropriate for others too.


Here members post only interesting kinds of stuff. The group has a membership of 3 million-plus. Therefore you constantly found lots of members online. The gifs and videos here are strictly for fun and some content also could be very educative. The major rule of this room is that any video you posted should not be 15 minutes long. Hate speech and racism are strictly illegal. Joining this group means you will be abiding by all the rules of the community.


Reddit allows members to post video content only material in this room. Video contents are very educative. And being a member you will be exposed to great fun videos. Snippets from movies, sports content, and cartoon content are also available. The group has a huge membership of about 24 million. Therefore with an average of 10k members always actively online, you are sure of not lacking entertainment.  Reddit videos have subgroups such as unknown videos, youtube, youtube drama, curious videos, Political videos, etc.


Shower thoughts are those hidden thoughts that come to you when you are in the bathroom showering or washing your vehicle, driving, etc. This community allows Reddit users to post such thoughts no matter how weird they may seem.  Shower thoughts are fun in a way because most often everyone no matter where they live or the religion, even culture can always relate. This is why this group has followers of about 22 million and average active online users of about 10k. Therefore is always fun anytime you are in the room.

How to search up communities

You can actually search for a community of interest using your interests. When you are logged on to Reddit, on the left, you will find categories if you clicked to communities to join. Under categories, you can find community categories based on general interest.

Another way to join a community is you using the search function to look for any community that might be of interest to you.

When you have found a community you will love to become part of. Simply click on it and click the join button. You have simply joined a Reddit community and you can start posting.

The social platform is the place of fun. Use this to read about Wikipedia list of controversial Reddit communities, if you are not yet a member. Visit this post to read about xfinity streaming.