PWA Apps- Progressive Web Applications

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There is no doubt that in 2021 there are lots of new technologies like PWA Apps. PWA app are applications that are built to be rendered through normal web browsers. These apps are built with normal web technologies such as HTML and CSS. It’s not news that lots of popular social apps will know today are PWAs. Unlike the normal traditional Java based apps. These apps are built with simple web technologies backed by Google and other big As in tech.

PWA Apps, Progressive Web Applications, Native apps and WebApps

PWAs are supported by our most used browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge and partial support from Firefox. Aside been compliant to these browsers, PWAs are cross-platforms, which mean they work on most operating environment such as Linus and macOS.

Advantages of PWA apps

Here are some of the advantages of progressive web apps;

  1. Like the name sound, PWA are progressive apps which means the app will work for everyone no matter the choice of browsers.
  2. PWA apps are very secure because they originally rendered through HTTPS.
  3. Although on the first loading, there could be delay. But, after finished loading the first page PWA loads faster.
  4. PWA Apps behave differently from normal web sites. They are actually built to behave in form of normal apps.
  5. PWAs can always be link from other normal web platforms.
  6. PWAs can always be optimized for search engines so that they are easily discoverable.
  7. You can always engage with your users as normal web sites.

Start-ups and other tech brands have already tapped into this technology. While most brands are keep building lots of PWA apps.

Top example of PWA Apps

There are so many progressive web apps, below are just some of the examples.


The popular go-to social apps for fashion enthusiasts have an awesome interface. Pinterest lets you get ideas about various subjects once it’s around beauty. From buried historical info to having an idea of your new living space, Pinterest is especially useful for creative ideas. Pinterest is a progressive web app one can explore to take a snip look at how PWA apps work.

Twitter Lite PWA App

Yes! Twitter lite is another PWA app. With lots of new users keep signing up for twitter. Most of these users come from areas where networks can be bad. Twitter wanted to have a version that will work on for everyone. Twitter lite works very well on any mobile device and even tablets. Loads up the twitter feed faster than the normal twitter app.

Aliexpress Ecommerce PWA Apps

Another great example is Aliexpress from Alibaba group. Aliexpress lets you order for an item you might. This E-commerce web store is an online market for everyone no matter the mobile device one is using. The shopping web house has all form of products in store and works from any device.


The site that lets you order your coffee the way you want it, is a PWA app. Starbucks sells all forms of merchandise products and do home delivery.


The website you get your latest investment tip from is a progressive web app. Forbes has constant visitors from every region who uses all kind of device. Forbes is built to load from any common browser and has compliance with the highest web standards.

PWA apps are new trends in the world of web technologies. That one could leverage upon. Check out this post on Otter AI to learn about this amazing technology that lets you convert speeches to texts.