Phone Finder- Recover Lost Phone with Ease

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Phone finder apps are apps that help you locate your phone when you lost them. Technology has been growing at a rapid rate. These also involve the software companies and developers that have been having a field day creating awesome apps that are most needed at this time. Either you are using an android phone or an iPhone, You won’t need to fret when you lose your phone, with these apps. The confidence the phone finder gives is to lets you find your phone with ease.

Google Find my device, how to recover lost phone and device

Tips to help you recover Phone using Phone Finder

There is no direct method to finding a lost phone. Withal it is stolen or just lost. Most of us tend to go to the police and report the incident. Well, phone finders are here to help and assist the police in this case. The reason is that the phone might end up in the hands of criminals, who could possibly use the phone for some criminal activities. Here are eight basic tricks to help recover a lost phone.

Put on locations on your device and Turned on find my phone

Most of us do not like putting on locations on our devices. Some are due to the conspiracies the CIA is always tracking the device. Another reason is to avoid the public display of location in cyberspace accidentally. Actually putting on location and turning on find my phone can be of great advantage to recovering a lost phone. Phone finder apps can easily help to locate a lost phone when you turned on location and find my phone.

  • To turn on Find my phone on an Android device, visit the setting on your phone.
  • Tap security
  • Touch Find my device
  • Thereafter, turn on Find my phone

Visit Google Find my device

The find my device app is a free web tool you can use to remotely find your lost phone. With the online app by google you easily erase your device remotely. Another web tool that can help you is to ring the phone the person in custody of your phone might pick. Then you can use the web map tool to enter details of your last location, this can enable you to track your phone. The find my phone app by google is really advantageous when it comes to recovering a lost phone.

Download and use Find my Phone Finder

This tracking device is very useful and good at tracking any GPS-enabled device. No matter whose device it is that is lost you could easily use the app to find your phone. The find my phone app displays the location of your to you on the map. This will essentially let you recover your phone by knowing its current location. The only downside is that you need to have the app installed already on the device you are looking for

How to find a lost Samsung Phone

Samsung finds my phone function differently. To find your lost Samsung phone log on to  Sign in with your Samsung account. Once you are signed on you can use the web apps to unlock your phone even when you forget the pattern to your phone, pin, or password. Once you are signed on and you have chosen your device, the app displays the location of your phone to you.

Write down the IMEI number of your phone to use online Finder

You can use the IMEI number of your phone on some app to find your device. is an example of a site that allows you to find your phone using the IMEI number. Once you enter the IMEI number the app would display the location of your phone on the map. There are other free find my phone app that lets you use IMEI, this is why is important to have your IMEI number written somewhere.  To know your phone’s IMEI you can dial *#06#

Do not confront anyone alone

Once you know the location of your phone. Go along with people to the location your phone is. Strategically tracked down your phone, why you should avoid direct and immediate confrontation is that it could endanger your life.

There various apps that allow one to recover a stolen or lost phone. Visit this post to read about recovering a lost Apple device.