Peacock Streaming its Still NBCUniversal Top TV App

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Peacock streaming service from NBCUniversal has store lot of entertaining movies you can stream from any device. The streaming giant has all genres of movies no matter your areas of interest. Lovely thrillers and romance movies are available on the streaming platform. Only that peacock is unavailable in so many countries.  With peacock you have access to NBS sports, NBC news now, True crimes, and various other kinds of televised programs. Most of your faves that you can not afford to wait for are available at a single click. The duo of universal pictures and universal television all come with a peacock streaming subscription.

Peacock, Top streaming app for streaming movies

Peacock Streaming Service and Its three tiers

The streaming service has three types of tiers for users. Free,  Premium, and Premium Plus, all come with various degrees of features.

Peacock Free

With Peacock free, subscribers and users have instant access to various free Hollywood works from the stable of Universal studio, Dreamworks animation, original documentary works. Apart from movies, free access also gives you the opportunity to stream TV series, for example, the murder she drank episodes are currently streaming free on the Peacock app. It does not matter the device you are using, the Peacock app work perfectly on Roku, Android devices, and Apple devices. The channels, allow you to get entertained with NBS sports, Dateline 24/7, CNBC News, MSNBC, and E! news.

Peacock Premium

The premium cost 4.99 dollars for access to all the contents Peacock has. With the streaming service, you can see all types of movies of your choice. See every series and the episodes you need to catch up on. The premium pass also would allow you to have access to first-rate movies. Premier league soccer matches, rugby, and skating. Your kids and family would be able to watch all the kid’s shows in the library of NBCUniversal. All of these services are available on your preferred choice of streaming device.

Peacock Streaming Premium Plus

The premium plus is available for 9.99 dollars a month.  With the advance subscription, you have access to every offer the premium has.  You get to enjoy Peacock freely without ads. Have access to download various contents and watch them at your convenient time. Feel free to subscribe to this streaming service using this link. Peacock is currently available in only the United States and its territories. Even if you subscribed for the premium plus the reason some ads might still be, is because of broadcasting rights and permission from third-party contents.

You can choose any of the three plans above to start enjoying Peacock.  The app is available for Xfinity Flex customers.  X1 customers also have access to the app free of charge. With over 33 million subscribers the app has garnered lots of users.  The game contents are so many that users wouldn’t miss much on their favorite sport.

One other advantage of the streaming company is that you can stream from your TV. Video quality is available at the user’s decision. The magic here is that users would determine the data consumption rate. Here is a link to the Express VPN page on how you can start using Peacock. Visit this post on Xfinity.