Paypal Venmo- Pay your friend’s bill with style

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We all want a payment channel that is secured and fraud proof. Paypal Venmo is trusted among many. Paypal has been with us for more than a decade. This is why it has become one of the most used payment channel out there. Venmo was initially bought in the 2012 by Braintree, later acquired in 2013 by Paypal. Since Paypal and Venmo is owned by the same company so in what way are they different. You can use Paypal for merchant transactions. Meanwhile, with Venmo you pay the bill for you and your friend’s dinner. Venmo brings in the fraternal appeal to payment. You only use this app for simple transactions.

Paypal Venmo, Online payment to pay your friend's bill

Signing Up for Paypal Venmo

Venmos is a free payment platform. Anyone can have a Venmo account. Here are simple steps to let you create an account

  • Download any of the Venmo mobile App from your IOS or Android
  • Launch the Venmo App
  • Pick a sign Up method and create your secure password
  • Verify both your mobile number and email account
  • Link and Verify your bank account

Now you are free to use the social payment App.

While you cannot use venmo on your PC, you are free to use Venmo on your mobile Phones. Paypal Venmo have a social feed. The social feed let you share your purchases. Currently venmo is only available in United State of America. With Venmo you transfer money to your friends and Family. If a payment is sent, and the receiver is not using Venmo, the receiver get paid as as soon as account has been created. This payment app let you request your money back. The only hitch here is that you get refunded only if the money has not been received. Although, you can always request a refund, If the receiver agrees to refund you. You get refunded.

What do you do with you sign-in code? As a Venmo user you must protect your six digit code and not share with anyone. This code is very important as an authentication code that Venmo use to offer more security for your account.  In case you lost your phone or change your number. Do not go ahead to create a new Venmo account, that could create problems during payments.

Follow the steps below to recover your Venmo account.

  • On the Login screen. Enter your email and your last number. Lastly, enter your password.
  •  Click on the link that says I don’t have access to this phone
  • If you do not see any link or a means to confirm your identity. Contact the Venmo support team.
  • Ensure to have the details of your bank or the last six digit of your card. The Paypal Venmo support process usually takes about 1 to 2 days.
  • Once you are logged on to your Venmo account. Update your Phone number from the settings menu.

For now, as mentioned earlier Venmo can only work within the USA. Therefore, if you try to this payment platform from other countries is very common you get an error message. But if you are within the USA and you get an error, try disabling your WI-FI and using another WI-FI. Also, try to ensure you are not using a VPN. To learn about online Spotify subscriptions, follow this link.



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