Otter AI- Powerful Speech To Text App

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How many times have we found ourselves in need of a speech to text app, Otter AI is one app that is great for this. Otter AI let your speech becomes a digital text note. One advantage otter has is that it can be easily integrated with other apps for easy voice transcription. Either you found your boss speaking too fast in the meeting or there is a need to transcribe from foreign language. This app lets you enjoy the comfort of converting to text in a language of your choice.

Otter AI, Transcribing from speech to texts

Otter AI and Otter Advantages

Easily take notes with Otter AI

Otter let you take notes easily. Either you are recording or real life conversation, Otter AI is your best companion. Otter takes voice and converts them into various audio forms or video forms. Once you have your notes you can always sync with other tools you use. These are reasons the app is very useful for Zoom meetings and other live meetings.

Do Editorial with Otter

With otter AI app you can do lot of editorial tasks. Highlight text in your notes with colors. Mark any keywords and quickly take a lookup to get the meaning of words. Get access to wordcloud where you can found loads of synonyms and other similar words.  Quickly insert images where you want them.

Integrate with other third-party apps

Otter lets you integrate with the app you use most. These apps include but not limited to Google calendar, Zoom, and even Skype. Apart from these actions you can always share with most platforms.

Export with Otter AI

Otter AI is one app platform that don’t just let you covert speeches alone. With Otter, either you are using your mobile device or your PC. You can always export your text to txt, PDF, SRT, mp3, or export on the web.

Otter allow you to distribute and publish files

With otter you can always add your text to social channels. Add access control to your documents. Add links to your documents. Share your file to groups and add invitees. The public can always have access to the document as much as you want them.

Organize your documents with Otter AI

One of the best uses of Otter AI, is that it lets you group your documents has you want them. With otter you can always create groups. Add members to group you have created. Organize your documents into different files; add different level of security to documents and lots more.

Otter customization

With otter you can always add touches to your files. Use otter in dark mode. Set storage limits to your device. Choose how to use network with otter, maybe Wi-Fi only or mobile date. Use siri with your files.

Otter lets you record and playback, transcribe in realtime, Identify different speakers. Search keywords, comments, sync your recordings to the cloud, and also do more. All for free if you will only be recording for 40 minutes. But for pro users, you will need to pay an annual bill of 8.33 dollars and business users would have to pay 20 dollars annually for full usage. Use to read what Forbes has to say about Otter AI and google meet.