Online Spotify – Music the way it Sounds from the Studio

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For music artistes and music fans, online Spotify is a free platform that connects everyone. The platform has millions of tunes of different genre for everyone. Online Spotify is free for usage of everyone. The music platform is free from annoying pop-up ads. As music artist using this media platform your fans have easy access to your works. More like Apple music, music subscribers pay certain per annual fee or monthly fee to access this platform.  The interface is very simple and easy to use.

Online Spotify, Music how it sounds from the studio.

Eight Reasons you should be using online Spotify

There several reasons you should be using online Spotify, These are only few of such reasons.

Access online Spotify from your convenience

Online Spotify can be accessed from your PC, Mobile Phone, Tablet, and Television. This platform is like the Netflix of music. The platform is cross-platform means you access it from the comfort of your device. No matter what Operating System that device could be running.  Immediately you are logged on, the platform gives you your favorite choice of tunes.  After, you must have chosen your choice of genre.

Online Spotify download and play offline

Online Platform let you download your favorite tunes. This let you even continue playing your tunes even when you are offline. There are no limitations to the amount of music you can download.  The platform as it was mentioned earlier contains limitless amount of tunes. From your favorite old hits to the latest hits, there are loads of them you can download.

Music Quality on online Spotify

Online Spotify have music as they were baked from the studio. You get to hear music from your top artistes in their original sounds. The bass and the general sound qualities of songs are intact. No need for sound enhancement technologies. You only need your head-sets when you need them. Even if the sound is coming out from your car stereo, you get to hear the original quality sounds.

Play Music online with Online Spotify

Online Spotify have a web player. This means you can plan your songs directly from the web. The web player is very easy to use, just choose your choice of songs and play directly.

Availability of Online Spotify in my City

To start using online Spotify, you need to check the availability of this platform in your country. People in the USA, UAE, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, South American countries need not check as online this medium is available in their country. In Africa is only available in South Africa.

The date this music provider launched

Spotify is a Swedish music provider company launched in October 2008. With your PlayStation you can also enjoy online Spotify. The mobile application can be downloaded on the Google play store. Also IOS users Spotify can be download on Apple Store.

Is it worth it, to upgrade your account?

Apart from premium subscriptions, online Spotify is available for free use too, but with limited functions. You can only skip music six times per hour; this is unlike Apple music where it is strictly per subscription. Free users can also access different playlists, share music with family and love ones. But as a premium user, you get to enjoy your favorite tunes in their original sound quality. The annual premium subscription rate is 99 dollars while the monthly rate is 4.99 dollars.

Lot of users has been asking if its worth upgrading their account. Actually is worth it. As premium user you get to enjoy millions of songs.

I’m a musician and I want to sell

As a musician, you get paid weekly on Spotify. Before you can start uploading your music works on Spotify you must sign up for TuneCore.  Tunecore gives you access not to only Spotify. Tunecore is a wide online music network that provides you access to, Apple Music, TikTok, Tidal, and many other music providers out there. To access TuneCore, you pay 9.99 dollars per single, 29.99 dollars per album. And you collect your worldwide songwriter royalties. With TuneCore, you have 100% of your sales revenue. Creating an account on TuneCore is totally free. Also, read this post on Google Ad Manager


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