NBA Stream- Top Five Sites to Stream NBA Games

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NBA, Lots of sports enthusiasts wouldn’t want to miss a match. This is why the league itself has authorized online sports channels that let you watch the live games online. The most popular authorized online platform to stream NBA is YouTube. Although streaming with YouTube would need a premium subscription. Although, another online platform like Reddit lets you stream matches through links that are submitted by other Reddit users.

Top sites to stream NBA games

The awesomeness about these online platforms is that you can stream past matches. Follow up on upcoming matches. Get betting ideas by team analysis. Video qualities are best stream in HD and other high-quality video formats.

Top ways and Sites to Stream NBA

Watching NBA Streams with premium subscriptions through authorized channels. The foremost way to watch NBA online is by using sites that have broadcasting authority.


With NBA TV you can easily stream games in high-quality HD. The platform provides access to watch games in three payment tiers. The highest price is with league pass. League pass allows grants permission right to stream all teams. The one-team pass which is cheaper, lets you stream every game of your favorite team. The lowest tier is the cheapest, with access to only 8 games a month. NBA TV allows streaming matches on any device of one’s choice.  The video quality is HD, meanwhile, to save internet data, there is an option to stream NBA in your preferred video quality. There other great features such as choosing your own broadcaster. Game stats and info are also available on NBA TV.

ESPN Online

ESPN is a broadcasting tv channel with the broadcasting rights to stream many sports games. That also includes NBA. There two payment forms on ESPN. Monthly billing of  $14 and annual billing of $100. With any of the two subscriptions, there is access to full games and in-match stats. Apart from the NBA stream, the premium plan gives access to other types of sports games.


Reddit is not a legal NBA streaming platform. Although the platform has many users that regularly upload links to games. With these links, one can stream a past NBA match. By using those links you could also watch your favorite NBA player in action on your device. is the video hosting website most Reddit users use to link NBA videos. Meanwhile, NBA has in the past banned many NBA videos on Reddit. Read this post to join the Reddit videos community.


Another top free platform for NBA stream is NBASTREAM. The platform is a 100 percent free platform for streaming NBA games. All that will be needed for streaming on this online free platform is a ready internet.  To enjoy more of these games is better to use a chrome browser or safari.

YouTube TV

Youtube TV costs a subscription fee of $64.98. The premium subscription allows you to free varieties of different sport games. The sports games you can stream include NBA.  YouTube TV stacks up more than 90 channels from which you can stream on any device. Therefore that guarantees you won’t miss much on any NBA game. Only that the platform comes with a parental control feature.

Worthy of note is the fact that there are two major types of NBA Stream online channels. Some platforms only have coverage within the USA and those that allow streaming internationally. If you are streaming from outside the USA, you can always use a VPN to stream. Visit the post to read about online music streaming. Read more about YouTube TV here.