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On the daily basis, millions of users visit the website Naijaloaded offers users entertainment such as Celebrity gossip, music downloads, video downloads, DJ mix, and even giveaway, which make users do want to come back daily. The website offers upcoming music artists one of the best ways to promote their music on its platform for a cheap price. Naijaloaded happens to be a website that is free, simple to use, and with lots of entertaining videos. The icing on the cake is that Naijaloaded is a website freed from annoying pop-up ads and harmful Spywares.

Naijaloaded - Free Music and Entertainment |

Naijaloaded Music

On the Naijaloaded website, you will find both old and newly released music from all of your favorite artists. The website offers music lovers the hottest songs from top artists late. Top music artists you can download their songs on Naijaloaded include the dagbana orisha crooner Bobby Shmurda, Burna boy, Wizkid, Olamide, Omah Lay, Tems, etc.

How to Download free Music

One of the easiest online website to download music from is Follow the below steps to download the hottest Naija hits.

  • On the topmost menu bar click music
  • The next page is a menu list of different music
  • Scroll to your intended download, below the list of songs. Click 2 to load the second page if you can’t find the song
  • Now that you have found your intended download, click and you are a step away from downloading your favorite tune
  • Click on the large tab where you can find the download.

Another way you can download your favorite music is to use the search box to search your intended download and click the download button.

Naijaloaded Music Videos

Videos are one of the best ways to get entertained and with; there are many videos that can be downloaded to your phone or PC. You can sort videos on Naijaloaded by latest post and hottest post, which makes it easier for you to see trendy and recent videos.

How to Download Music Videos

However, to watch or download videos in MP4 format, click on videos in the topmost tab. Immediately menu list of entertaining music videos appears. Click on anyone you might like and you can either watch the videos or download them to your phone.

Naijaloaded News         

Apart from music and music videos, you can catch up with juicy news about your favorite celebrities from football to music, to Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood. There are different types of news on Naijaloaded, sport news, entertainment news, and comic news. News about politics is also posted under the news category. This section of the website contains serious information. One nice thing about Naijaloaded is the website is well sectioned that you can never miss your way.

To read about the latest happenings in the country, from an update on coronavirus to a yahoo boy that gets caught up in EFCC net. Click the news tab on While you can easily scroll down to get any information, searching is also possible. You can type in the name or title of the subject of your search into the search box on the mid-left section of the website and click. This action will bring you a load of information, current and old that is related to your search.

Naijaloaded Entertainment

Love it or not, we all love gossips. Naijaloaded has them in lots. Latest and trendy news about Nigerian and foreign celebrities can be found on the entertainment section of the website. Entertainment news about eccentric artistes like Speed Darlington to more serious entertainment news about artistes like Mr. Eazi can be found on Naijaload. Entertainment news on this website is rich.

However, to read the latest entertainment news about your favorite music artists or politicians. On your phone or PC open any browser of your choice and enter Click on the entertainment tab, and click on the headline to any of the items you love to read.

Naijaloaded Talk Zone

Have you ever felt you want to see how your view is important and that you want to contribute to the website you are using? However, the Naijaloaded talk zone is a section of the website that allows you to post your view on a particular topic. 

Naijaloaded Sports

However, Naijaloaded sports news is a way to catch up with the latest news about your favorite football team or footballer. Do you normally get amazed?  How much your friends know about Cristiano Ronaldo, or when they started talking about Arsenal FC. Naijaloaded is one of the websites that can feed you with the latest information on your favorite football team or footballer. The good thing about this website is that you can search for anything.

If you get bored of scrolling up and down, Type the name of your celebrity you want to read about into the search box and press enter. All current news about that celebrity will immediately pop out. After which you can easily click on any headline to the news you want to read. NL Giveaway and NL Prediction are forming this web site pay you even for using their platform to download your favorite music or music videos.

Up and Coming Artistes

The biggest website to promote your music today is Naijaloaded, Naijaloaded have had over 100 million music download. And it is still the number one website you can promote your music as an artist. Naijaload has three-level tier promo packages for promoting new artists in the music industry.

Naijaloaded Promo Package and the Prices

The Naijaloaded website is the number one Naija music blog and with over 2 million visitors daily to this website. An intending artiste would be sure of getting his or her work out there through Naijaloaded has various price ranges for each of their plan. And here are some of their price and package.

  1. Massive Instagram Push 50,000
  2. Naijaloaded Freestyle Promotion 50000
  3. Music of the Day Promotion 30000/Daily
  4. NL Top/Hottest Songs Listing 120000/Weekly
  5. Music Banner Advert 400000/Monthly
  6. Music of The Week 50000/Weekly
  7. Naijaloaded Monthly Mixtape   30000
  8. Naijaloaded Most Downloaded Songs List 10000

A lot of financial packages are available on this music website that might be comfortable. If you are looking towards promoting your music.

Other Naijaloaded Package

NL-TV, NL-Give Away, NL-Prediction; NL means Naijaloaded, and NL-TV is a section of where you can watch gossip videos of your favorite celebrity. Just like the talk zone section of the website where you can read the latest news about your favorite celebrities. Naijaloaded is a website that gives back through NL-Prediction and NL-giveaway. Every week Naijaload gives out money to six guests on their website who can successfully predict the outcome of a football match, or predict the first goal scorer of a match.

Who is the owner of Naijaloaded? Makinde Azeez was born on 10, December 1989, He grew up in Ajegunle, Apapa where he had his secondary school education. He had his OND from LASPOTECH, Lagos State Polytechnic, after which, he went on to have a BSC in Physics and electronics. It is believed Makinde’s net worth is about 5million dollars.


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