Minutes of Meeting Apps- Go Paperless with Office Meetings

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Minutes of meeting apps are apps that make taking minutes easier. In today’s world of technology, there are hardly any processes that cannot be automated. That also includes minutes taking.  Perhaps you are the company secretary, or you are working as the club secretary. Minute’s apps should be your best companion.

Minutes of meeting apps, Top app for your meetings

According to Forbes going paperless would benefits your companies for these reasons. Going paperless would reduce some space that could have been clutter by paper records. Direct access to everything you might need when you need them. Lots of collaboration tools to help you share information amongst your employees.  Going paperless would make money transactions with your customers easier and better. You can easily pay your taxes at the right time.

Therefore, going paperless even to your minutes of meeting apps would be very beneficial to your businesses.  From the smallest manual tasks to the most difficult could always be replaced with technology.

Top Minutes of Meeting Apps to Use in 2021

There are various meeting apps one can use if you are planning on going paperless with your meetings. In this post, the effort is to get a listing and reviews of the best minutes of meeting apps.


The fellow app isn’t just a minute of meeting app, but a comprehensive meeting app. With the app, you could collaborate on meeting agendas. Schedule upcoming meetings, with this app you easily assigned meeting agendas to everyone. The fellow meeting app also lets you prioritize the agenda; assign the task that matters most to the right staff. Get meeting feedbacks from employees, responds to feedback through integration with third-party apps like Slack. The app also serves as a remote solution for meetings.  The fellow app can be downloaded on any mobile device easily through app stores and the rest.


Hugo is another great meeting app for minutes and other meeting tasks. The app is Calendar-based and works well with Google and office 365. The app is very organized, which means you could easily search and find any meeting notes or tasks within seconds. Although Hugo is very free for a small-sized company of ten users. But for a huge firm, Hugo’s app costs up to 400 dollars a month. One great feature of Hugo is that you could easily integrate the app with any office tool.


If you are looking for a free-to-use meeting app. GitMind is 100 percent free, and has great meeting features. However ways you would love to use this app, GitMind is an app that can always fit in. Apart from notes taking and meeting collaboration. You will find this app very useful for brainstorming, Essay-Writing, etc. Even for complex projects, you find the app very useful. App developers can always do initial modeling with this app.


This is another meeting app that is suitable for managers and bosses to use. Soapbox lets you run the meeting agenda smoothly and seamlessly. There are features in the app that lets you assign benchmarks, set goals, and also create reward systems for employees that meet their targets. Inbuilt analytics that helps you create meaningful insights to see performance rates. Like other meeting apps, you can easily integrate the app with your other office tools.

MeetingBooster Minutes of Meeting Apps

MeetingBooster is another powerful and awesome minutes app. The app has three basic features; auto-generated meeting minutes, automated distribution of minutes notes, archiving, and assign permissions. With MeetingBooster you can easily streamline note-taking. Use MS Word style to format text. Attach files and links reference easily.  Access to cloud archive and automated distribution of minutes amongst your attendees is the top feature of MeetingBooster.

In conclusion, going paperless with your meetings has such benefits as mentioned by Forbes. To learn more about paperless technology you could use for your company. Read this post on delivery note apps for your invoicing and credit notes, etc.