LinkedIn Job – How to Get a Job Through LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the world’s most known social network app. It is used by professionals to connect to themselves. Also, It is used by experienced job seekers, fresh graduates, business executives, marketers to get jobs and sell and their products and services. Landing one’s dream job could be the toughest goal to achieve but with the proper use of LinkedIn features it could be easily achieved.

LinkedIn Job – How to Get a Job Through LinkedIn

See below tips on how you can achieve that dream job with LinkedIn:

Tips on How to Get a Job Through LinkedIn

The first step to getting jobs through LinkedIn is using an appropriate display picture that shows you as a professional.  The right headline that shows your current job title if currently employed and the right job title that shows your previous work experience. You also have to write a brief summary that contains all your skill.


Recommendations go a long way in helping you obtain a job through LinkedIn. Most recruiters would take a brief look at your handle and one of those things they look out for is recommendations. Ask present, past colleagues and employers to provide recommendations for you on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Job Groups

Joining groups and participating in discussions is another way one could get lucky on LinkedIn. Joining groups and participating in discussion helps you to meet other professional in your field and helps in showing your knowledge in your field.

Following Prospective Employers

Companies post job openings on LinkedIn and the more you follow such companies. The more quickly you know when there is a job opening in that Company of interest. When you follow them on LinkedIn. For this purpose just search the name of the Companies you want to work at and follow them.

Job Search on LinkedIn

The search function on LinkedIn is easy to use for job search, just type vacancy or hiring on the search function and hit the enter key on your keyboard. The listings of Companies hiring will appear.

Show Off by Posting Achievements

Showing off is crude and arrogant but when it comes to what you do it brings accolades and makes you recognizable among the millions of people that visit LinkedIn daily. Have you ever visited LinkedIn and come across a post titled “Ph.D. at 23”. This is call marketing one’s skill. A Company could pick interest in his research and he could land a job in the Company. Write about your milestones and post your achievements on LinkedIn you are not been proud but you are selling yourself.

Connect with Human Resource Personnel

Hardly would there be any recruiter in the world that is not on LinkedIn. You can search for names of recruiters or scroll through profiles on LinkedIn to know recruiters. Send connect invite to them and you can send a direct message once they accept your invitation to connect. Constantly sending invitations after it has been rejected. Also, sending messages when not replied is disturbing and annoying. Do not be discouraged to send more invites messages to others after a turndown

Subscribe for LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium price rates range from $29.99 to $59.99 per month for job seekers and $79.99 per month for sales professionals. The question would be is it worth the amount? My answer is yes. With LinkedIn premium, you could send direct email messages to any LinkedIn user even without being connected.


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