iOSgods- Learn to fix Common Apple Problems

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iOSgods is the platform for you if you really want to learn one or two little tricks around your phone.  The forum is a social media one that has lost users with similar interests. The online community is the community to join to learn those tricks that allow you to tweak your phone a little. The interface is very simple to use as every other social media community out there. You join this platform based on the nature of your device. As a member of this online platform, you can easily find common iOS or Android problems. In brief, solutions to those common problems are also readily available to help fix the most common problems that users could face with iOS devices.

iOSgods, top apple community to fix apple issues yourself

Iosgods community

The community is a place to find users who are looking for ways to jailbreak an iPhone. The platform is for basic iPhone tasks, or for phones running the apps from iosgods.  On the platform, there are different sections based on an iPhone need. Although, for those not interested in using the community to resolve iPhone problems. There are two apps users can always download. The iosgods apps and the sideloadly app. These apps are very simple to use and also install. Most useful, when users are not ready for the do-it-yourself tricks on the site.

iosgods APP

The app to jailbreak any iOS device is available for download through the official website of the iOS community page. You can easily download iosgods and sideloadly from the website. The app is available for free installation. By scanning the barcode on the website through your camera app you can directly install the app or download it from the Apple store.

Iosgods App the menu and basic features

The app has been designed to look basically like the main Apple os system;

Elegant Design of iosgods

The app is designed to look as elegant as the apple app. With some touches and twists, you can add some personalization to your device. A jailbroken iPhone would look so much like iPhone.

Retina Ready

The icons and images on iosgods are designed to make your phone look awesome. The screen of many devices has been put into consideration when designing the app.

Quick and frequent Updates

The app has been designed to get you the fastest iOS updates as soon as they are available.

User-Friendly Store

The store is designed to look more like the iOS App Store. Because of the way the store has been made to look like the Apple store, there is no difficulty in using the store. Especially, if you are already familiar with using the Apple store.

App Library

The app from iOSgods has a library that can be tweaked to taste as you want. Customizing the library does not require so much technical know-how at all.


Support with iOSgod is community-based. Therefore whenever an issue arises you easily find solutions from a community of other users.

Sideloadly from iosgods

Sideloadly is the new way to sideload games and apps you love on a Non-Jailbroken apple device. With the app, you can save your apple ID, change your app information, here are some basic features of sideloadly

  1. Easily sideload apps with a free of paid apple developer account
  2. Quickly recover and securely save information on your device.
  3. Change your minimum iOS version to stronger capabilities
  4. Remove apple restriction on supported devices
  5. Change the name of the app to any name you want on your home screen
  6. Enable file sharing on your apple device
  7. Enable light or dark mode on versions of macOS

Sideloadly or iOSgods is not an app directly from Apple. Since the iOSgods community or app is not owned by Apple, it remains an illegal apple community. Hence, whenever you are using these apps, or suggestions from the iosgods online community one must be careful not to damage your device. Visit this post to read about top apple apps.