IBM Verse Mail- Prioritized And Organized Mails better

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Time is money, IBM AI solution understands this, this is why IBM Verse works hand in hand with your mail. Organized your mail, prioritize to maximize your time to achieve more. Our emails are always filled with all kinds of inboxes. A marketing agent trying to sell a product, a nephew, a boss who needs one to work on a certain project within a scheduled time. All these require our attention at almost the same time.

IBM Verse Mail, Top email apps for mobile Phones and PC

This is why IBM verse lets you organized and prioritized everything that has to do with your mail. IBM  verse is an intelligent solution that has been built to let your work on the most important task first.

Ways IBM Verse could help with your Email

There are various things IBM verse could let you do with your email once installed. This is to the extent that the list are inexhaustible.

  • With IBM verse there are two ways you can mark mails. You can always mark a mail as urgent or waiting for. Once you do this IBM verse follows up with your choice.
  • You can always immediately take action on emails. IBM verse lets you delete, attends as needed to an email, all by swiping.
  • With IBM verse you can easily swipe actions on events in your calendar. With swiping accept, you accept a calendar invite, while decline means you won’t need to be reminded of that event.
  • IBM Verse lets you add your attachments. Mark up your messages as high importance. Electronically sign-on mail messages.
  •  IBM verse allows you to perform all your popular mail actions easily. Add attachments, reply or reply all. Froward and do more.
  • IBM verse lets you do a lot with settings. Set up days to sync. Preview an inbox, add limits for attachments, set up email size for inboxes that are easily truncated as they come in.  Shows remote images and conversations.
  • IBM Verse allows you to manage your folders. Personalize folders as you want them. Move your messages to folders as you want them.  Easily subscribe and unsubscribe to a folder as you want them.

IBM Verse For Calendar

  • IBM verse lets you organize your calendar as you want them. Create event and send invites as much as you can. Export your event to Calendar and OS as you want them. Reschedule and modify events.
  • IBM verse enables you to organize your to-dos and prioritize. Set up overdue, due date and completed tasks. Marks as lists.
  • IBM verse comes with strict security policies. Customized settings. Set up passcodes and access blocking easily.

IBM and HCL technologies came together under an agreement for HCL to acquire some of the IBM Products. IBM Verse comes under this deal. HCL tech now owns IBM verse with this agreement since June 30, 2019. IBM verse is very powerful for mail. Increase productiveness in a very useful way. The HCL tech product is a powerful one.  Visits this post to learn about office online.