Health Apps for iPhone- Apps for Sleep and Exercise

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Health they say is wealth. Health apps either on iPhone or Android devices are very important. Although these apps can never replace doctors in our lives, they could be very valuable as doctors. These apps check things as your heartbeat rate, let you know the added weight, during exercise could let you know how much your speed. Health apps depending on the specific app use a different kind of health metrics to let you know when to see your doctor.

Health apps for iPhone, Top apps for exercise and health benefits,

Top health apps for iPhone

Apple Health

This health app come naturally with your iPhone device. This app let you set up your medical id. Medical id try to collect health data such as blood type, organ donor, weight, height, allergies and reactions and so many more personal health details. Head phone audio level measure the rate at which you are exposed to headphone loud noises. This is very important as too much noise exposure can affect your hearing capability. Ladies can set up notifications on menstruation cycles to get prepare for menstruation on this app. You can know when to visit a doctor when the app tells you your cardio fitness is low. Know walk and running distances. The app has a very easy to use interface.


Most of us tend to forget how important we need to sleep in order to maintain good health. This app has made it easy for you to keep track of your sleep. Sleepcycle comes with a functional alarm and monitoring system.  This app tries to become your best friend as it let you know when it is your sleeping time through alarm interaction. This is one of the best health apps you can download for free to your iPhone device.

Calm health app for iPhone

This is one of the best health apps you can find that works well on your iPhone device.  Calm helps you to reduce stress or anxiety. Just like sleep cycle helps you improve and gain better quality sleeps. Get more focus on important things like your work and business. Calm can helped you improve better on your personal health.


MyFitnessPal is a very good health app.  No matter your health needs, you download this app by Under Armor to your iPhone. The application is very common among health enthusiasts. This awesome health app is also available for android users. The app supports any health need you might have either it is changing an habit or perhaps to lose weight. Whatever it is you will find this health app very handy.

Heart Rate Monitor- Pulse HR

This app works well on your iPhone for any of your heart needs. The app let you monitor your heartbeat. The heart is a very important organ of our body and a very critical one. The best way to enjoy this app is to use a device with flash. The app works in a good lightening environment if a device does not have flash.

Yoga-Go Health App for iPhone

With Yoga you can actually work on your weight.  Lot of us believes weight loss is all about cutting down on our carb-diets. This app will help you control your weight with Yoga.

These are only few of the many health apps out there. Read about music app in this post.


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