HDFC Mobile Banking- Your Bank on your Mobile Device

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HDFC mobile banking is the mobile section of the financial giant of Mumbai HDFC. HDFC which means Housing Development Financial Corporation started offering financial service in 1994. Mumbai HDFC has branches all over India. Mobile banking comprised of all mobile channels. This is in the bid to provide better,  faster, and secure online financial services.

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WhatsApp banking, online banking, phone banking, social media banking all comprise HDFC mobile banking. These platforms are all secure platforms customers can bank from. On the daily HDFC, carry out more than 1000 transactions through mobile channels. A lot of customers trust these platforms.

HDFC Mobile Banking Channels

HDFC is a bank that is focused on better and faster services. Because of this reason the bank has been judiciously making use of Internet resources to serve you better. Here are some of its Mobile Banking resource

Mobile Banking

HDFC Mobile Banking App can be downloaded to your phone. The app is available on all mobile platforms. The app is a very simple and secure app to use. You use the mobile banking app as you will use your normal apps.  This app uses high-level security to protect your financial transactions. This app is less than 1MB, therefore it takes a little space from your phone storage. You can use the mobile banking app in either English or Hindi. With PayZapp you can link your card to your mobile app.

WhatsApp Banking

HDFC mobile banking is also possible with WhatsApp. All you need to do to start using this mobile banking method is to save 7065970659 to your phone. With WhatsApp end-to-end encryption; transactions are very secure. This service is not only available for HDFC Bank customers. Without being a customer you can use this WhatsApp medium You can also access other services like getting your account balance, knowing your credit limit, and making inquiries.

Online Banking

With a few clicks on your browser either using your computer  you can carry out a  lot of transactions. HDFC online Mobile banking lets you transfer money, view your account balance, deposit money and do more. Everything you do with HDFC internet banking is protected with  the highest level of security. You can access and ask for your monthly statement to be sent to you via email.  This lets you avoid the stress of going to the Bank to queue. Cardless withdrawal is also part of the benefit you get using  HDFC online mobile Banking. Also, you can save the account number of regular beneficiaries. Add different number of beneficiaries you normally transfer money to.

Watch Banking

This is a new twist to banking. HDFC mobile banking let you access bank services from your wrist. This service is available through your smart watches. This service is only available on Apple smart watches. Service you can access includes viewing your account balance or linking your card.

HDFC Social Media Mobile Banking

HDFC has also made it possible  to carry out simple transactions through their social media pages. There are various services you can access through this channel. This include toping up your  your mobile phones. Buying data. Booking Uber and other Taxi hire services.. To use this service open Facebook messenger and find  OnChat, the Facebook messenger account of HDFC.

HDFC Bank is a very progressive bank. Every day the giant financial service provider keeps on providing cutting-edge innovations. To know if your bank is using the Zelle network, check out this post. You can also visit the learning resource center of HDFC Bank to learn more about the financial giant of Mumbai


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