Hathaway Broadband- How to use the Self-care Portal

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Hathaway broadband is one of the largest broadband companies across Mumbai and other Indian Metros. Been guided by the life vision to be a single point access provider, Combining the internet with entertainment across India.  Hathaway allows you access to fast internet speed through their broadband connection. With the technology, Hathaway has to offer you have an internet speed of 100Mbps. This enables you to download faster and enjoy a no-buffering browsing experience. The technology is so easy to use, that you will enjoy social media. Play online games easily, watch your favorite video, easily back up your files to the cloud, and do most things you love to do.

Hathaway broadband; How to use the self-care portal for optimum service

Using Hathaway Self-Care portal for Broadband Service Issues

Hathaway has designed a very easy-to-use portal for customers. This portal provides you with solutions to any self-care issues. This is particularly important considering covid-19 regulation laws. This post is to offer an insight into basic things you can do on the Hathaway portal.

Payment Issues with Hathaway Broadband Portal

For self-care services relating to payment; the first thing you must do is logged-on to hathaway.com. For payment issues, use the tab button on the left menu bar. Here you must check if your broadband payment is not showing. Depending on the payment gateway you have used to make payment the waiting period is usually 30 minutes to about 4 hours. When you make payment using cash or check the waiting interval is usually 12 to 24 hours. Why the payment is not showing might be that the system needs to update your payment. Issues can also arise from not making payment that relates to your plans. If you have paid an amount less than your plan. Top up the payment to reflect your actual plan.

Renew and Upgrading to a new plan

Renewing your plan and Upgrading to a new plan. There is no difficulty if you need to change your plan to enjoy a more premium broadband service from Hathaway. Log on into Hathaway online portal. On the left menu bar of my dashboard. Click on view more, where you can found your current plan. On the top-left corner of the app, click Renew to renew your plan. After you have checked out the renewal amount, choose a payment gateway and click on proceed to payment. To upgrade your plan click on UPGRADE from the top left, and choose a plan. Click on tot renewal amount and choose a preferred gateway, then click on Proceed to payment.

Changing Email and Contact

How to change your email and the number you registered for your broadband plan. This you can do from the profile menu when you have logged on to the platform. To update new info, just click on the pen symbol to update your new information. Fill in your new details and click on correct. To update a new mobile number, click on RMN. Fill in the new number and enter the OTP that has been sent to you. Log out and re-login using your new details.

Hathaway has provided a very awesome easy to use interface for your broadband services and care. You mostly need to know how to use the dashboard. The broadband is the best across Mumbai and nearby environs. Visit this post on Comcast, if you are you are living in America for information on the new Comcast XiFi.