Google Meet iPhone- Google’s top Office tool

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With Zoom and Skype lot of us around know the importance of Google meet, Either we are using android or an iPhone. Google Meet is just like Zoom and Skype in that they are strictly and majorly use for business communication. This software can easily be used as part of browser extensions. The tool is formerly known as ‘Hangout Meet’ officially has office people in mind when Google was building the application. 

Google meet iPhone, top meeting apps for iPhone and Android users

Google meet has a very awesome user interface built for user experience. The interface is design like all of the 21’st century applications with awesome features that let you decide how you want to communicate with your clients, employees, and even friends. Google meet can be downloaded on iPhone and android devices via any of the mobile markets.

Top ways to use Google meet on iPhone

Here are a few tips and guides to using Google meet on your device.

  • Google meet does not have a complex interface and it is quite easy to use. To schedule, a meeting on Google meet all you will need to do is schedule a meeting by creating a new invitation link. You schedule a new meeting by clicking new meeting.
  • Invited participants can get a link once you have sent it to them they join in on a meeting by clicking links.
  • From more options menu you can change your layout to a layout that lets you see your entire participant in one place. This Google meet feature also works for iPhone as it works on your PC.
  • No need to be afraid, any Google meet meeting is 100 percent free. This is so because only participants that have the link to join a meeting, can actually join a meeting.
  • The two ways Google Meet lets users join in on a meeting are either through clicking an invitation link or by clicking on a calendar link.

Every now and then, Google continues to release different versions for Google meet, but the above-listed tips and guides work for the current version of Google meet. And as Google release new versions only few update to these tips will be required.

Advantages of Google Meet apps for iPhone or PC

Google meet comes with lots of great benefits. These are only some of those benefits.

  • Google meet to let you host high definition video meeting.
  • Participants can share their screen with a single click. Even on iPhone, this Google meet feature is also available.
  • The app allows quality video meetings of up to 250 people. Google meet is blind to user’s devices as participants can join meeting from iPhone or any device they have.
  • There is no limit to the number of meeting one can hold with Google meet, it does not matter if the device is iPhone or a PC. Google meet allows an unlimited number of meetings.
  • Very Easy and Secure access, all you need to host a Google meet meeting is a Google account.
  • Video and audio devices are easily enabled. The quality of your video depends on the quality of your iPhone camera or your PC camera.
  • You can easily collaborate with anyone and even use Google meet from any location of the world.
  • Google meet on iPhone has a storage size of 176.5 MB, which means Google meet only uses a little percent of your storage size.

Google meet functions very well for any device platform. Meanwhile on the iPhone Google meet is only compatible with iOS 12.0 and later versions. Read about the Facetime app for android here.


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