Four Tesla Apps That will Make You love your Car More

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Tesla app is available to be downloaded on any mobile market. Either you have just purchased a new Model X by Tesla or any of the Tesla vehicles. Perhaps you want more apps that can fill in the gap that the Tesla app has not covered. There are lots of bright-minded developers and start-ups that have developed apps that would make you enjoy driving your tesla more. This post covers other apps you can use in replacement to the original app.

Top alternative apps to make your Tesla cars more awesome

Tesla App and Its capabilities

Before we moved on to other apps you can use that have added more functionalities that Tesla hasn’t covered. Or that has a more easy-to-use interface than the direct app itself. Here are the top features of the main app that you can easily download from the Apple Store or Google play store;

The app lets you lock unlock your car from a far distance to its position. Track your vehicle’s movement and follow up with directions. If your vehicle has an autopilot, the app lets you call up your vehicle out of the park, even when your car is in a tight parking position. The app also lets you do such things as monitoring how much energy the car has stored. With Tesla App, you can also heat or cool off your car before setting it in motion. Carry out basic functions such as following up with the status of charging progress or end the charging process.

Top Alternative Apps to Tesla

There apps out there that can improve your Tesla experience, and here are a few of them;

EVE  Apps For Tesla

This App is designed in a way to make you have a premium dashboard experience. With Eve for Tesla App, you can easily customize your dashboard. Pick up to four apps to be displayed on your dashboard. Get weather stats, keep up with the latest info on stocks and news.  The app comes with a world clock. Let’s you take note easily on your dashboard. Have an overview of streets, and gets to identify key places such as a nearby hotel, or a nearby bank, etc.  The apps also let you follow up on the latest tweeter trend, you also get to link your exchange email or IMAP email that lets you connect your Gmail. Keep track of your trips with every detail with this APP.


This app is very popular among Tesla users. TeslaFi app follows up with every piece of info you need concerning your car. The app lets you monitor your battery health so that you can know when your car battery is due for replacement.  Meanwhile to use this app you would need a logged on to your tesla account in order to enable tracking for your car. This App has a lot of good sides to it and you won’t regret using the TeslaFi Tesla App at all.

TezLab Pro

Tezlab is another app you can use with not just only Tesla, also with an electric car out there. The app also lets you monitor how far your car has traveled, the efficiency insights you might to know when your car is performing at its optimum. Tezlab pro will let you have control of your car climate. The app is available for download on various Playstore out there.


This app lets you maximize your car camera very well. The car provides useful details if you ever found yourself needing a video to prove any incident with your car. You can zoom in on videos. Integrate other video players to enjoy the app more.

These four Apps are top apps that would let you enjoy your car more. Get every detail you need about your car. Have an awesome dashboard for your Tesla. Read about Comcast Xfinity through this post here.