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Food delivery App has been since the inception of the world wide web. Online digital apps have been changing our traditional ways of doing things. Food delivery online apps are available at your fingertips. Gone are those days you bother yourself with meeting up deadlines and having to eat. All you need to do is launch one of those apps and your food is at your doorstep. Without these online solutions, many would lose their jobs. And today tech geeks have come up with apps that let us make better use of our time.

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Top online Food delivery App

There are so many food delivery apps out there, these are only a few number of them.


Grubhub is an online food delivery app founded in 2004 by Matt Maloney and Mike Evans. They have a large market for food delivery. And cover many cities across United State. Grubhub has both Android and IOS apps. These apps let you order your food from the comfort of your mobile device. Grubhub is headquartered in Chicago, where it was found. The interface is a very simple and easy to use interface. Not only you can order your food, but you can also order your drinks on its apps.


Online is the most popular online food delivery app in London. Apart from London deliveroo have presence across continents including Kuwait, the UAE, Australia, etc. Deliveroo plus subscription allows the people of UK to have unlimited food delivery. From your mobile device you can order any meal you want. These online company was founded by Will Shu.

This is one of the biggest online food delivery app in China. ‘‘ is one of the children’s companies of Alibaba Group after it was acquired in 2018. Founded in 2008, Ele me in Chinese means hungry now. This food app is available in more than 500 cities, in China. The Chinese app have a very easy to use online interface. No more hunger you can get your food from the comfort of your phone.


SkipTheDishes headquartered in Winnipeg, have been serving the people of Canada since 2012. With this app, people of Canada can get to order their food with a single click. The app was found by the duo of Jeff Adamson and Andre Chau. This online app that started as a startup has grown to become a giant in the food delivery business. Today SkipTheDishes has been acquired by Just Eat Takeaway.

Mr. D Food- South African Food Delivery App

This online food delivery app is the most popular food app in South Africa. People in this country can pay for food with their card or EFT in-app.  Mr. D Food could be downloaded on any of the App Stores. Partners with Mr. D Food have access to many customers and also benefit from the reputation of this online food delivery app.

Other food delivery apps worthy of been mentioned is DoorDash,,  Uber Eats, Postmates, Uber Eats, etc. These apps are available across the world. And, they let us, order food online with a single click. Read this post to learn how you can use PayPal Venmo to pay your friend’s bill in a restaurant.


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