Find my iPhone Lets You recover iPhones easily

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Apple find my iPhone app has been designed to let you easily find your device should you misplaced it. The app also works very well on iPad, iPod touch, or your MacBook laptop. The app lets you use any other iOS device to look for your Apple device if stolen or lost. By using the lost mode of find my iPhone app you immediately locked your device, display a certain message on the screen of your device. The app reports back feature gives you location history and keeps track of your device. Meanwhile, the most important thing to use the app is for you to set Find my iPhone enabled on iCloud.

Find my iPhone App lets you get back iPhone when they have been lost

Find my iPhone Features

Here are the top features of the ‘Find my iPhone app’;

Locate lost Apple device easily

The app’s best feature is that it actually helps to recover a lost device. The app allows you to locate iPhone and other iOS devices using the map.  The report back feature is made in a way that the location history of your device is sent back to you should there be the need.

Play Audio using Find my iPhone

Find my iPhone app lets you enable sound on your device even if the initial setting has been silent. The sound played at full volume. This will enable you to discover your phone should it be in a nearby location.

Lock your device

Use a passcode to lock up your apple devices. This is quite important to deny others looking through your device. This is quite good for devices that are not previously locked.

Show Message

On your lost device, find my iPhone app will let you display a personalized message on your phone lock screen.  The displayed custom message would allow you to display messages to whoever could be in the custody of your device. A good Samaritan might have seen the phone, but do not know where to take the device to. This function can let you display caveat or instructions messages like ‘if found please take to  a specific address’

Delete Content remotely using Find my iPhone

The app easily lets you wipe all your phone contents should you have sensitive contents on your device. You can do this from wherever you are, from any location to your device. Apart from contents, you can also erase your device settings

iOS 9

Deices running on iOS 9 or earlier versions can actually view the current location. Your current location and the location of your devices will show on the map. Easily cancel a pending erase request if your device is offline.


Find my iPhone app requires iOS 8 or later and iCloud. WI-FI and cellular data are required for the app. When using a Wi-Fi only device, there is a need to connect to a registered network.

Apple finds my iPhone app on the apple store shows users have been enjoying using the app to locate their iPhone. The app can really make finding your iPhone easy. The app is complete and very usable for lost devices. Visit this post to read about the Netflix app, the post shows how you can easily stream movies on your iPhone. Use this link to download the Find my iPhone App