Facetime app for Android Mobiles and Tablets

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Facetime app shouldn’t be the reason you’ll want to trade your android phone for iPhone.  There are so many alternatives app to Facetime you can use with your android phone. This let you enjoy the benefits of video chatting. Unlike iPhone that build a video chat app with the iOS platform. Android OS does not come built with their phones except for some few.  The essence of this post is to gives you best alternative video app you can us on an android device.

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Top Facetime App you can use on an Android mobile device

Here are top best app you can improvise for facetime on your android mobile.


Snapchat is very common among social media enthusiasts. One major reason is that the app is fun to chat with. It comes with lots of filters and other basic little functions. The new spotlight on Snapchat let creators earn money in dollars. Apart from you creating contents to post to your friends you actually can make money doing so. Once you sign up for Snapchat you actually can download the app from any mobile market store. The app can be use on any platform. All you need do is go to setting and allow Snapchat to use your Camera. To enjoy this platform more, have a great camera phone.


This is another awesome app one can use instead of Facetime on an Android platform. WhtsApp is the most popular video chatting app, available virtually in any country of the world. This platform is own by Facebook, the same company that own Instagram and Facebook. WhatsApp let you video call anyone in your contact list. The only thing is that with WhatsApp one has to have internet data.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a cross-platform alternative app to Facetime you can easily use on your Android device. This social app lets you call any of your Facebook friends. And most of the time, you can always sync your contact with this app. Once you synced your contact with Facebook messenger you can always video chat with anyone on your friend list.

Google Duo as Facetime iPhone App

This mobile video app is own by the one and only tech giant ‘GOOGLE’. Google duo works on both iOS and Android, therefore it’s not platform specific.  One more beautiful thing about this Facetime alternative app on Android is that you call as many as 30 participants. Although to video chat your friends on google duo you have to invite them to Duo.

Skype from Microsoft

Skype let you video chat anyone with a Microsoft account. One of the best apps you can use to video chat your friends apart from Facetime is Skype. Only that Skype, one must have a Microsoft account. Skype works on different types of devices, Computer, mobile phones, smart watches, Xbox one console, etc. Skype is very proprietary and commercial.

Zoom, Office Facetime App on Android

This is another great alternative app for Facetime you can use on your Android device. Zoom is very popular amongst big corporate. With zoom you can call any number of people from your contact.


This app is very great for video call. This Facetime alternative app for your android phone is very useful for group of friends. It let friends easily join in on any ongoing chat. The app is available for download on both iOS and Google playstore.


This social app is available for everyone all over the world, and available on any cross-platforms.  Instagram let you video chat and even carry out live chat. Instagram is available for download on any of the mobile phone store. Apart from the many fun ways you can use this app. You can also earn some money as a creator.

Badoo, The social Facetime App on Android

This is another great video chat app you can use instead of iPhone with your android device. This app let you chat with even strangers. Only that Badoo have some rules one must follow when video chatting anyone. The app is also available on any platform.

Just Talk

This another great video chat app. The app like Snapchat let you add colors to your video chat. By using filter and multiple effects that comes with this app you can always add beauty to your videos. Just Talk also like skype is one of the best alternative video chat app one can have on an android device. The reason is that you can do multiple video chat calls.

There so many more awesome video chat apps one can download and use on an android mobile device. These are just the best top ten alternative apps you can use like Facetime on an android device. To read on top music apps for iPhone read this post.



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