ERP- Free Enterprise Resource Apps for You in 2021

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ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning Applications are software system that integrates all the processes of a business in one automated comprehensive solution. The apps are often very useful in the sense that they fasten up business processes. Often enough the ERP solutions could work from a central server with client apps. But there are also light ERPs that work on mobile devices and could be very efficient for small-scale businesses. Enterprise resource planning apps rely on a central database management system that serves as the data warehouse. Leading the market of ERPS is the Oracle ERP solution. This post is to further enlighten you on other very good and cheaper comprehensive solutions out there.

ERP; Top Enterprise Resource Planning App in 2021

Top best ERP Apps for 2021

There are so many powerful ERPs that can be very good for your business. One very good thing about ERP apps is that they could save business costs in a lot of ways. Here are the top ERP solutions you can explore in 2021.

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning

This Oracle cloud solution has been rated by many top analysts to be the best ERP out there. The apps combine all your daily processes in one seamless place. With that functionality, you easily get an insight into business performance. The analytics is not only finance insight. To your customer, suppliers, and even employees Oracle ERP provides an easy-to-use interface. That allows you have a quick overview of how everyone is contributing their quota to your business growth. Oracle releases new updates every three months to ensure you keep to technological changes. The top features of this solution include an accounting hub, revenue management apps, payables, and assets, also report and analytics and so many more. Oracle also has the Oracle NetSuite ERP app for mobile devices. The app would perform very well for small businesses.

SAP ERP System

The SAP cloud solution is also a very powerful complete enterprise app for every kind of business. Many ERPs are very extensible, and that also is one good feature of SAP. SAP is so trusted that more than 60 percent of Forbes global 2000 uses SAP. The app has been in existent for more than 20 years now. The enterprise uses powerful intelligent and deep learning logics to provide you with a complete solution that you can easily use for your businesses. Small businesses can also easily adapt SAP to automate most of their daily processes.

Odoo ERP System

The GNU solution is a comprehensive ERP system that is capable of any purposes you might need an ERP for. The software takes care of all of your day-to-day activities. The site has a CRM feature, which takes care of E-commerce, accounting, and inventory are also integrated with the Odoo system. Another distinguished part of this ERP system is the fact that it is an open-source app. This means the apps constantly get work on by thousands of developers globally. Which means the app would continuously know improvement.  With an app like this, you get to easily customized and also integrate third-party APIs easily. Odoo can easily be integrated with Zoho, Slack, Trello, Mailchimp, Hubspot, etc.

Business Management Software (BMS)

BMS is another comprehensive solution that lets you automate most of your business processes.  This app apart from being a complete ERP solution comes with a solution that lets you generate a customized price quote.  Manage billing and revenue. Customer relationship management solutions and supply chain management solutions are also built into this solution. The app lets you fill in certain details such as niche and industry. These details are used to set the app in motion. This particularly saves time that would be spent on customization and the rest.

There are other solutions that can help you automate business processes. But these are the industry leader in enterprise resource planning. Visit this post to read about Amazon Sagemaker.