David Dobrik- Make More Money Through YouTube videos

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23 years old David Dobrik is worth over seven million dollars. Money he made through vlog. Vlog is a form of blogging that are videos. Davi Dobrik have two YouTube channels. The one he first created in 2005 ‘David Dobrik’ and another one ‘David Dobrik Too’. We’ve had stories of how YouTubers making huge sums through vlogs. Google is a blessing to lots since its inception. YouTube is just one of those channel through which most have made it out of poverty. Can you be the next David Dobrik ? lots are making dollars on YouTube creating animes, comedies, realities, documentaries, so many more. To do this is all about having your own unique niche.

YouTube videos are all about creativity. YouTube makes money by linking up google ads to your videos. The pay per click has become a cult thing. David Dobrik’s vlog channel on Tik Tok had a whooping sum of 1 billion views on a single video about an Elephant experiment. On YouTube David Dobrik’s channel has an 18.7million subscriber, which means on any video he could average 5million views or more. David Dobrik too, the second channel he has, have an 8.5 million subscribers. This means steadily David Dobrik his smiling to the bank making creative videos.

David Dobrik started his YouTube channel in 2016 and since then he has made a successful career out of YouTube. Making a successful career out of YouTube is not possible with a lazy man approach. The trick is not just putting in efforts, but the right efforts.

David Dobrik- His Entrepreneurial approach to YouTube

YouTube videos are all about creativity. There are lot of Vloggers out there, making YouTube videos on things within their strength. Your youtube videos too should flow from your comfy. Winning the People’s choice award to winning the Streamy Award 2020, David Dobrik is worth emulating, and here are ten approaches you can emulate.

  1. Hire others.  David Dobrik has others working with him on his videos. Hiring others who knows the job well makes the job easier. To make a career out of YouTube, you need to do it like an entrepreneurial, which means you hire. Natalie Mariduena is David Dobrik’s assistant. David Dorik also have loads of others he hire with from his former group Second Class.
  2. Start Small, you can see our man started small before moving on to have his own YouTube channel.  Starting from the group second class to now owing his own two personal YouTube channels.
  3. Have a niche, this is very important. You must choose what your Vlogs will be all about. David Dobrik’s niche is reality entertainment , from pranks to animal comics.
  4. Have target audience, who are mine intending this video for ? David Dobrik’s audience are mostly teenagers and kids.
  5. Use other vlog platforms. An example of other vlog platforms out there is TikTok.

These are cool ways you can approach YouTube. Making videos is fun. Fun at times brings in money.


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