Dameware- Do without your Backpack and PC Case

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Dameware remote software has a lot of lovable features for support tasks. Dameware works on all OS platforms. Examples include Mac OS X, Linus, and Windows. This remote software comes with a free version that can be used for free. This remote app won the most top-rated remote administration software of 2016 by TrustRadius, and also in 2017. You need to worry less about transporting loads of desktop PCs, this tool is very effective when we talk of remote software. Remote administration support is one very key function this application concern itself about.

Dameware comes with five core features:

  • Multi-Platform Support
  • Remote Session Tools
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Active Directory Management
  • Help Desk Integration

Dameware Multi-Platform Support

Dameware is a remote software tool that can be used to access different devices over internet Or LAN. You can remotely access Linus machines, Windows PC, Macintosh systems. And also access android or apple mobile devices the Dameware mobile apps.  With the mobile Apps you can also access tablets wherever the location could be.  As you troubleshoot these systems you can chat simultaneously with your customers. Apart from accessing these systems you can power on sleeping servers using Intel vPro AMT technology. And also power down these systems. There are no limits to what you can access through Dameware remote access.

Remote Session Tool

Solarwinds Dameware Remote Support (DRS) is a very simple remote administration tool. On window servers and other workstations, you can use DRS to administer and control root directory settings. Create privilege users, create active directory objects, and ascribe responsibilities as if you are close to customer’s systems. In as much as you have administrator credentials, you can carry out administrator functions to create happiness for your customers. Learn more on this page.

Dameware Multi-Factor Authentication

Dameware is strongly secure remote accessing software. With Smart Card authentication, from your end you provide authentication information such as PIN to customer’s system. High tier security and federal organizations normally require this form of log-on.  Dameware also met the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 compliant. This means if you are a company providing service to high military agencies. You need not worry because this remote solution has passed this standard.

Active Directory Management

With Dameware you can provide remote support that involves updating the active directory.  Manage extended attributes such as photo, employee ID, and company logo. Reset passwords for end-users.  This remote tool also lets you manage group policies and do appropriate system configurations and security settings. The solution lets you manage as many as possible AD domains.

Help Desk Integration

The third-party software integrated with Dameware makes resolution very easy. Let you improve customer satisfaction. Network diagnostic tools, IT Asset management features are also integrated with Dameware. Desk ticketing is also very easy. Ticketing could pass for the most tedious tasks for help desk officers. with this app, you have taken care of this and also put into view necessary desk tools for help desk services.

Dameware is a great remote tool, For one technician this tool costs 290 dollars for unlimited end-users, while for two or more technicians the price varies. Support for this application is round the clock.



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