Creator Studio Facebook- Monetized your Facebook Page

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As a video content creator. You need to learn about creator studio Facebook. Creator studio for Facebook is a great monetization tool. Facebook for creators supports knave for creativity. This is why it recognized a unique approach to video content. Facebook connects billions of individuals across regions. Facebook understands the human needs to earn through this community. This is why creator studio Facebook, is available to help you earn monetized your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Creator studio By Facebook                                              

Creator studio comes with six major tools. These include In-stream ads, Brands Collab Manager, Fan subscriptions, etc. We will talk about these tools one after the other. This is to help you understand, how the app works.

Earn through In-stream Ads

If your videos qualify. Facebook inserts ads into your videos. Creator studio Facebook lets you decide which ad content to add. This allows you to earn the most out of your ads.

The three types of in-ads placement are mid-roll, pre-roll, and image ads.

Make money through Brands Collaborations Manager

Creator Studio Facebook makes it easier for brands to discover you. A lot of brands are eager to reach out to as many as possible. Your Facebook presence could have the potential to help these brands. Creator studio connects you to brands. This is for you to help such brands with a product campaign, while you also get paid.   

Monetized through Fans Subscription

How can creator studio support you for fan subscription? With creator studio Facebook. You can streamline your content based on what your fans need through subscription. Set up a monthly or annual subscription in a way that benefits you and your fans. Have exclusive rewards for your most dedicated fans through the creator studio.

Make money through Creator Stars

To qualify and earn money through stars as a video creator. You must have already changed your profile to page. Creator Studio comes with the star tool. Star tools allow your fans to show their love for your videos during a live stream. The profile to page migration tool helps you convert your Profile to a page. Thereafter, you can easily transfer your favorite video and photos to your page.

Monetized Paid Online Events Through Creator Studio FB

With creator studio you build your own online stage. With this, your fans have special access to your content. You can cancel physical place events and save revenue. You earn by monetizing your online events. Your followers benefit through lesser cost and time.

There are lots of monetization benefit with creator studio, visit the official creator studio to find more of these benefits.

Currently, there is a hold on application reviews by Facebook. The reason is covid19 policies. Content reviewers are working from home. The app comes with a lot of monetization tools. This helps you earn in flexible ways.

Video content creators on Facebook and Instagram are already using this great app. You too can start monetizing your content.

Creator Studio is free. The app is available for free download on the apple store and Google play store. Creator Studio lets you manage two or more pages seamlessly. You can access the creator studio by Facebook through the official creator studio page or through publishing tools from your Facebook page.

Steps to become a Facebook Creator and start using Creator Studio by Facebook

As a content creator, see below list to start publishing content on Facebook and InstagramTV.

  • Become a creator by creating your Facebook page.
  • Change your page category to video.
  • Reach more people by connecting both Instagram accounts and Facebook accounts.
  • Follow strict standards for your video content to earn more and avoid been banned.
  • Publish your content.
  • Share your Instagram videos with your Facebook audiences.
  • Sign up for updates for the latest information on video creators.

Already, Facebook video content creators are using creator studio Facebook. Start making money through your accounts too.



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