Crave Tv: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

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Crave TV is one app that would make you have access to all the HBO movies and many more on your device.  The TV app is the trending entertainment app more like Netflix, NBCUniversal Peacock app, and the rest. On the Canadian google play store, Roku store, or Playstation store you can download the software. The App is also available to be download on the Apple store. One major benefit of most TV apps is that they make us save money on the cinema thing. Canadians and those living in Canada can enjoy this application at any moment in time.

Crave TV, How to Stream HBO Max Canada

With a single subscription, you have access to all the HBO series,  Showtime Series, Stars, and Kids. The application has so many genres of movies and series available through its platform. You can easily watch broadcast drama, Musical movies, Comedy shows, Sports, Classic documentaries, and reality shows. The app has all your faves in one place. Most difficulties you could have with the app come from how to pick from the endless choices.

Using Feature to Easily Select a movie on Crave TV

The basic way to select movies on Crave TV is to browse movies or favorite TV shows using the features menu tab.

Recently Added

This tab contains the recently added movies. This is where you will find new movies and TV shows. Most of the time newly purchased rights are also added under this tab. Although it’s not surprising to find some old movies or TV shows also under this category. The reason for this might be that Crave TV has recently acquired the right to stream such movies.

Staff Picks

The recent staff picks include HBO Max original such as the recent American TV shows Raised by wolves.  The WU-TANG Clan chronicled work ‘of Mics and Men’. This section contains quality TV shows and movies that are of great interest.

Trending Now on Crave TV

These are trending movies that most people are currently following.  Use this category to stream popular choice movies and TV shows on Crave. The application is an awesome streaming app. This section lets you make the easy decision on nice movies that have garnered popularity.

Black Excellence

This the menu section for blacks centric movies. On this section of Crave, you can easily find top trending African American movies. Movies from favorite actors such as ‘The Bernie Mac show’,  The Chappelle’s uncensored show. There are no difficulties with what to stream, simply click the featured tab and choose the black excellence category to stream blacks centric movies from your favorite black actors.

Binge A Thon

This section is where you find movies that you need whenever you have the urge to run the marathon of movies. Your favorites series and their episodes have been collected together for you to easily stream.

Payment Cost For Crave TV

The payment tier comes in three different types. The simple subscription costs 10 dollars a month.  The second payment tier is 19.98 dollars while the most expensive plan costs 25.97 dollars, all monthly and inclusive of tax.

You have access to Crave originals, Showtime, Hit TV series, current HBO, Hollywood movies, family and kids movies, live channels, Stars originals. Depending on your plan, Crave TV lets you stream anything Hollywood. Visit this post to read about Netflix