Chrome Grammarly- Write like an English Pro

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We all want to write and Grammarly makes us write better. Either you are composing an email or writing for a job application. We usually write most times not paying attention to some little errors. Most time this is usually not due to our own faults. Grammarly let you add up the extension tool with chrome. This helps a lot, when you are engaging in any form of editorial tasks, the tool works easily with your browser.

Chrome Grammarly, Top Editorial apps for productivity apps

Grammarly auto-corrects your English while putting your readers at the center of your write-up. Professors and PHD students who does lots of thesis works have Grammarly integrated into chrome and other productivity web apps. Grammarly have little storage size which means as useful as the app is, the app is lite.

Benefits of Using Chrome Grammarly

Either you are using Grammarly with chrome or MS-Word. One thing users cannot deny is the fact that the app would let you avoid common English mistakes. Below are lists of grammatical benefits of using Grammarly for any of our editorials.

Office Communication

Now is the time to start worrying about how you want to sound when responding to your boss’s email. With Grammarly your office communication skill has just taking a step ahead. The app is built in a way you can even set the tone of your language.

Cover Letters are now easier

Ever worry about your grammar when writing the cover letter for a job. Almost everyone at one point in their life has had grammatical issues with cover letters. Grammarly has helped lessen that headache. Most times skill might not be the problem to getting that job. A minor spelling error or the wrong preposition could put an HR off; this is why Grammarly should be your best companion as a job seeker.

Communicate better and clearer

Most often the problem to getting our message clearer and better is not the idea. How we communicate the idea matters and why a public speaker has you can always edit speech with Grammarly. This isn’t difficult at all as you can always have Grammarly integrated with Chrome or other productivity apps you use the most.

Improve Customer Confidence

For every fliers or handbills, or adverts you post publicly. The wrong sentence or words could discourage potential customers. The app has been built to help you inspire customer confidence in you.

Blog Better with Chrome Grammarly

More reason you should install Grammarly with chrome.  Grammarly helps a lot when writing posting on your blog. The app lets you put your readers in mind by minding your tone as you write.

Grammarly is one app you can consider more for a utility app. Because it’s value is worth a lot. And this app has been made to have them where you need them. On chrome, MS-Word, Phone keyboards, you can always find use for Grammarly.

How to start using Grammarly with Chrome

Most time the easiest tasks are usually the hardest.  This does not means we are not smart, perhaps the necessary guides can be scarce. Here are the simple guidelines for you to start enjoying Grammarly with Chrome.

  • The first step is to, go to your browser and enter
  • Sign Up for Grammarly, You might not need to fill long sign-up form. This is because the app has already been designed in a way you could sign up with your Google account or Facebook.
  • On the left side menu options, Click on apps. After you have done this you can see various Grammarly app you can download
  • Click on Grammarly for chrome.
  • Finally, to install, Grammarly has been made to function in a way you do not need to download the app. From the Grammarly site, you install the app to Google Chrome.
  • After successfully installing the app. The next step to start using this app. Click the Chrome menus and go to your extensions.  You can now activate Grammarly for chrome.

Other ways to install Grammarly is to integrate the app with Microsoft office word. Enable Grammarly keyboard on your iPhone or Android device, after installing them for your mobile. Edit exiting documents by installing and activating the Grammarly app with windows which is easy. Take a look at this post on Microsoft SharePoint.