Binance- This Fact Would Lets You Get Start on BNB

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Binance crypto exchange is the market amongst crypto coins trade across the globe. Binance started as small as three years ago by offerings traders discounts for their Eth or Bitcoin. 1 BTC was sold for 20000 BNB. BNB rose in the market to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of ETH and BTC. Millions of BNB users would accept Binance as a trading fee for every transaction. Within the ecosystem right now BNB has becomes a kind of standard. With lots of cut edge features, BNB has to offer there are lots to gain from trading.

Here are top Services Binance has to Offer


Binance allows you to be able to trade from the palm of your hands when you download the app from any of the app stores. The apps are available for different operating system platforms. Binance mobile can be downloaded for mobile devices. Hence, there is nowhere you cannot trade from.  Trading BNB is very easy since it is not necessary to use the web platform and the application is available to be taking advantage of.  The API can also be integrated easily into any trading platform of choice.

Buy and Sell easily on Binance

BNB registered users can easily sell and buy crypto of their choice.  There are various payment options that are available on the trading platform. Users can choose to pay with a credit or debit card. Also, users can choose to use cash for payment options. Currencies that are acceptable with Binance are limitless in numbers, user could pay in dollars, pounds, euros, and other currencies. Other methods of payments also include stablecoins such as Binance USD, Coinbase USD,  Teether USDT,  Paxos PAX, etc. The crypto, you purchased is directly deposited into your Binance wallets.

Binance Trading Fee

BNB users have the privilege of enjoying lots of BNB fee deductions with 25% off trading fee and 10% off. Once you logged on to your Binance accounts you can easily see your trading fee and what privileges you are entitled to. Binance does not charge any fee on deposit, hence deposits are totally free. While a certain amount of withdrawal attracts a little fee most would not.


With VIP trading, regular trading users have access to lower trading fees through the various tiered trading programs. OTC services are also accessible for all coins that are listed on Binance dot com.  Settlements actually take an average of 5 to 15 minutes.  Apart from those mentioned here-in users can enjoy lots of trading services that are one of their kind. As a client with Binance, one could have multiple trade account and within a single master account, you could create a flexible network of trust.


When you register an account you have a referral link and QR codes that come with a commission kickback rate. Whenever you invite a friend with your referral link you get a BNC reward. Every time any of your invitees make a trade, you’ll share up in 40% commission in real-time.


The major unit in the ecosystem is BNB. As the common coin of the Binance chain, BNB has multiple use cases. Fueling transactions on the chain and making payments for any transaction fees on Binance exchange. You could also make in-store payments and perform many other transactions. You can always purchase BNB with USD or with cash.


Another form of trading is the BUSD, the platform allows you to purchase BUSD with cash via wire transfer.  Another thing you can always do is that you can convert USDC, TUSD, USDT, and PAX to BUSD. Moreover, the trading channel supports multiple trading pairs to trade other coins to BUSD. The BUSD is a recognized digitized dollar that can sell at one BUSD for one dollar. Platforms like Binance and Paxos won’t charge any fee for redemption of Binance USD with the exception of Bank charges that may apply. The global transfer is also supported.

OTC Trading

Over-the-counter trading is very much supported on the Binance platform.  These are personalized ways you can actually focus on trading large block sizes quickly and securely.  Crypto to crypto trading is also available on the platform. OTC trading is conducted in such manners that they have no significant impacts on markets. Fast settlement is also assured on this channel.

Binance Trading is the best platform for users to be able to trade in any of the cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. To start trading with Binance used this link. If you like posts like this you can visit this post on Coinbase.