Best Network Speed Test Apps You Will Read About

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A network speed test allows you to know the speed of your internet connection. There are so many factors that can affect the rate of your connection. The technology used for transferring data such as coaxial, fiber-optic and all could affect the network speed.  Location of network devices and the network architecture could slow down network speed. For telephone backed up networks, technologies are an important factor that affects speed. LTE network could enable a fast network in some instances. HSDPA or 3G network could be slower compared to 4G network. Therefore when experiencing a slow network connection, there are apps that let you carry out a speed test to know the quality of your connection. This post is about them.

Network speed test applications

Four Major Network Speed Test Apps

Here are four major platforms that will help you for testing the speed of your network;

Google Speed Test

Google worked with M-Lab to run a speed test for your network. The downside of using the Measurement Lab test is that they publicly publish all the test results. These will also include your IP Address, but not any other details.

With M-Lab you can measure your broadband speed, carry out analysis of application performance, run diagnostic. Network diagnostic tool provides measurements test like upload speed, download speed this will ascertain the quality of your network connection.  Apart from publishing test result and IP address publicly, M-Lab does not monitor your internet activities or publish your browsing history. Read about M-lab here.


Speedcheck uses multiple connections to a server and consecutively download large data files on all connections. The benefits of this approach are that your entire bandwidth can be tested. Which ensures that test results actually ascertain max data throughput. Speed check can also test the upload speed of your network connection using the reverse process of the download speed test. Ping test allows you to send a small data packet over the network to the test server on the internet, the server then receives and sends back the device, thereby completing a trip. Speedcheck conducts multiple ping tests at the same time then deduces an average result. The app is available on the Apple store and Google play store for download.

AT and T speed Test

This is another powerful network connection speed test.  The test also encompasses the entire three key internet tests; Download test, Upload test, and latency or ping test. You can run AT and T tests through a cellular mobile network, a WI-FI, and a Cabled Broadband connection. To test your AT and T gateway speed easily use the AT and T smart home manager.

Fast dot com

This app is a simple direct network speed test that totally depends on your network. Fast is powered by Netflix and available for free usage. To use a fast speed test simply open any browser and enter fast dot com, immediately you will see the speed of your internet connection.

Results of any speed test directly depend on so many factors. Those factors include the device and the type of connection you are using. The number of devices you have connected to that particular network.  How many people are using that network is also a factor, the rate at which data is going back and forth,  also called network congestions are all factors. Visit this post to read about NBA Streaming games.