Autonomous Cars: Top Five Firms Leading the Research

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Autonomous or driverless cars have been garnering lots of research input from Uber, Google, Ford and so many more. Lots of us have had to face some needs to imagine if only we could get into the car and input current location and destination. Then the car takes itself from there while we also enjoying an autonomous car parking system. At one point in time, the driving rage has always got the best of us. These are all that driverless cars have promised. Technology is cutting across all sectors and the transportation sector is one part of the global economy that technology has had a huge impact on.

Autonomous Cars, How they will change the future of driving

Top Companies investing in Autonomous Cars

Tesla, Uber, and most major companies are all pumping money into research in building driverless cars, and here is how these companies have fared reasonably along this path.


The global, take me anywhere giant has been putting lots of effort into building autonomous cars. Having invested over 1 billion dollars into self-driving cars, Uber has been one of those firms on the frontline of autonomous cars.  As of today, Uber has sold the self-driving project to Aurora on a partnership basis. Aurora has put a lot of effort into building a set of driverless cars. The tech company has partnered with vehicle giants like Toyota and Volkswagen, to make some prototypes of their vehicles.  On these bases, we can say Uber had contributed and still contributing a great deal to make driverless cars a reality.


Elon Musk the owner of Tesla, has optimistically promised the end of this year to make Tesla’s first complete autonomous car.  On the Tesla official website slash autopilot, the page states that all new Tesla models come with advanced software capable of autopilot features that could be leveraged when the time comes through a software update.  You can visit this page to become part of the team building the next generation of vehicles.

Ford Motors

This Auto giant has been partnering with Argo AI for its research. Argo AI is an artificial intelligence company that is expanding research in autonomous cars. Ford has promised the end of 2022 to launch its first set of driverless cars. These cars will be using strong computer vision technology and machine learning tools to building driverless cars.  These cars would be able to understand traffic situations using the complex software that has been built into them. The control system would be able to direct the engine, braking, and steering systems to let this vehicle move accordingly.

Hyundai Autonomous Cars

This Chinese motor giant has been partnering with Aptiv to launch driverless cars. Aptiv said they are already testing autonomous cars on the street of Las Vegas. A passerby would not even know if the car they are crossing in the road in front of has no driver. Hyundai has been putting lots of effort into building the next generation of cars. But they need to understand these cars could actually perform to their fullest autonomous features. Yet! The company has spent lots of millions of dollars on the research venture.


Google has giving Waymo the right to its driverless project. By the completion of this project. The company will be making driving easier while you sit in the car and enjoying autonomous driving.

Benefits of Autonomous Cars

  1. Deaths due to vehicles might reduce on a great scale
  2. No need to drunk drive with an autonomous car
  3. Fatigue from driving that could lead to inattention will reduce on a large scale
  4. Even when you don’t like or don’t want to learn driving, autonomous cars would make you enjoying driving
  5. Driving would become easier for physically disabled people or people suffering from diseases that could hinder driving.

They’re a lot of milestones that have been covered by companies leading up research in autonomous cars. This is the list of front-liners in the driverless project. There are lots of other firms out there working very hard to make driverless cars the thing by the end of 2022. Visit this post to read about top Tesla Apps.