App Designer- Start creating your own Apps by Learning.

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An app designer is a software person that deals with creating apps. There are different types of app designer depending on the type of app they design or develop. Mobile App designer deals in mobile app, while web app designer deals with web app. With the digital wave going on right now being an app designer is a very good career choice. Today, Fintech and gaming solutions are apps that could generate revenue if they are well built.

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How to Become an App Designer

Today IT rules the world. If you are a powerful app designer can change the world. Make indelible marks that fasten processes. Here are some easy methods you can use to become a great techie.

Decide which Type of App you want to Develop

The first step to becoming an app designer is to first choose a niche. You can either be a mobile app developer or a web app designer.   As a Mobile app programmer, you can develop apps for the Google Android platform and Apple  And  IOS platform. There are varieties of solutions waiting to be created. Web app developers do web apps that are accessed through browsers either on mobile phones and computers. Also, sub-niches like Fintech and gaming are very profitable areas an one could generate income from.

Choose a Software Development Platform

Depending on your niche of interest you can choose from many development platforms out there. As an app designer, you become very good after much practice. In order to practice pick a development environment and learn a programming language. For example in order to design an app for Android your knowledge of the Java programming language would be very important. To build iOS apps, knowledge of swift and objective c is very important. In order to be a web developer, you would find HTML and CSS very important for the front end while for the backend you need knowledge of technologies such as reactive, Typescript, Python. PHP, etc.

Choose Web App Design Tools

After you have learned your programming language of choice picking an App design tool will be quite easy. There are so many available tools to select from. Examples of such tools are Android paper and Marvel for mobile app designers. While for a web app, there are design tools such as Adobe XD,, and Sketch.

Build your Design

Don’t be dismayed if you feel you are not a pro yet.  To be come a pro app designer you will have to work on multiple projects.   This is where you get your hands dirty and your sleeve rolled up. Create projects and keep creating projects. The more projects you create the more pro you become.

Deploy your App and Start your Web Designer career

After you have created a few projects you can deploy them on different platforms. Sign up for a Github account. A Github account allows you to have your project on your account page. You can direct potential employers to your GitHub so they have an overview of all the projects you have done. Also, there are lots of platforms from which you can sell your app.  

Mark Zuckerberg became a software designer at a very tender age. Today he has changed the world with the finest social Media App. The journey to being a powerful geek that rules the world is beyond the writing line of codes. Aside from your ability to code, proper modeling is important to building powerful apps that solve problems. Read about Amazon Business in this post.


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