Amazon Business- The Benefits For Sellers And Procurer

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From small scale businesses to large scale business. Amazon business is made to increase sales. 55 of the global fortune 100, buys through this easy to use online selling platform. The business prime has also been made to increase market output for your business growth. The business platform is powered by machine learning that has made the shopping experience very easy for customers. By creating your own account you have access to a great shopping experience. Delivery is one of the major core of this platform.

Amazon Business

Benefits of Amazon Business For Sellers

With Amazon Business, you are selling to billions of customers across the different continents. The app provides an exclusive service to sellers when compared to Amazon. Below is the list of services exclusive to sellers using this E-commerce app.

Business Pricing

With business pricing you have the leverage to offer your own prices to your customers.

Quantity Discount

You can offer discounts for your customers that are buying a large number of goods.  The pricing feature of Amazon business lets you do this even on two items or more.


Certification differentiates from other suppliers in the same market as you.

Tax Exemptions on Amazon Business

Another benefit users experienced is tax exemption on products that qualified for them.

Enhanced Seller Profile

Put your logo out there, show off your diversity certifications; look as distinguished as you are through Amazon business.

Amazon’s business is only available in Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, United States, Japan, and India. If you are in any of these countries you can easily create your free account. Start selling on this Amazon platform and enhance your selling experience.

Procurement Feature of Amazon Business

A lot of businesses from different fields are using Amazon B. These will not be achievable without some benefits that come with it.

Account Management

With Amazon B you can manage multiple accounts. You can also create purchasing groups, add administrators to manage those groups.

Shipping and Delivery Through Amazon Business

As a customer on this platform. There are more preferential settings on your delivery. You choose where and when it’s most convenient for you to receive your items. Set not to receive your items on holidays, your busy times. Another benefit is the same-day and one-day shipping business prime provided.

Multiple Payment Options

Another great feature of this app, you pay the way you want. You can also apply for a business line of credit only available through Synchronic Bank at no interest. With Its prime American Express card. You get a 5% payment discount back using Amazon Business.

Business Prime

Business Prime offers users exclusive benefits on this platform. These include spending reports. Use guided buying to put your team through buying on Amazon. This will allow you to also track how you purchase items.

Re-Order List Through Amazon Business

When there are items you buy often. With this platform, you can create them into lists. And also quickly re-order that particular item, even sort such items. Share these items across team members.

Business Selection

This online solution avails you the opportunity to follow the business you like. This is very vital to maintaining business relationships with suppliers. The list to amounts of choices you have on Amazon is endless, Amazon have business from education to AI supplies.


With the business Prime, you gain insight into your spending.  Generate spending based reports. Automate all of these processes with only one click. Set purchase goals with ease.

These are just a few of the procurement features for this great E-commerce app.

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