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Ads are so annoying which is why an adblock app is valuable for your iPhone. Most often when you open up Safari to browse each page keeps booming with unknown pop-up ads. There are lots of unfriendly pop-ups but not to worry. There so many apps you could download to your iPhone that lets you block unwanted ads. This post are about such apps. This apps let us maintain our sanity and avoid unnecessary ads. At times some of this ads could even be in the bid to let you give private financial data through phishing sites.

adblock apps for iPhones and iPads and enjoy ad free browsing

Top Adblock App for your iPhone and iPad

Lots of apps one could use to block ads either on iPhone or iPad. The listings below are the most popular and common amongst iPhone users.

AdGuard – adblock & Privacy on iPhone

This AdBlock app for iPhone’s safari is free but with some add-in purchases. The application features menu functions that let you block unnecessary ads. Even you can manually choose to allow an ad or automatically block unnecessary ads. This application features a very powerful advanced tracking protection. With so many tracking sites AdGuard protects one from unnecessary pop-up ads.

Firefox Focus

This is a free, open-source app that let you protects your apple safari when browsing. This adblocker was developed for iPhone and android users in the year 2015, by Mozilla. The application protects your privacy and try to thrash out unnecessary ads. With this app you can constantly deletes browsing data even after browsing a particular web site.


This AdBlock app is very awesome on an iPhone. With adlock you easily save mobile data by blocking unnecessary ads that tend to consume mobile data. Helps fine-tunes internet usage and lets you browse with more sanity by blocking pop-up ads that are unnecessary. AdBlock checks every link to tell harmful links from real links. Block video ads that could be consuming your data.  The app is very useful with a guard system performance and even blocks ads before the page starts loading which eventually speeds up the rate at which your browser loads.


Yes! Brave browser is a browser built with privacy concerns users might have. The browser comes in with a lot of ways you can unblock unnecessary ads. Even browse incognito, this form of browsing lets you browse anonymously by hiding your locations from web empires that tend to collect your data and sell them to the highest bidders. This browser is not your regular browser but a browser built to make users browse more safely. The browser is totally free and is available on iOS and Android. The app could also serves as an ad blocker for your iPhone as it supports clean browsing.


This app is a comprehensive app with lots of quality features that helps you block unnecessary ads. With 1blocker you block crypto-currency mining, Remove annoying and unnecessary pop-ads that tends to give us headaches during browsing sessions. Another great important feature of this app is that you can block adult websites and let your children browse more safely.  This adblocker app works for both iPhone and android devices.

Lots of great apps one can use with iPhones as Adblock apps. And the apps listed in this post are only a few of the much adblocking software out there. Check this post out for top music downloaders for iPhone



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