5G Network- The myth and the Facts

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Did 5g network cause covid19? What are the possible effects of 5G ? 5G is it a result of pharmaceutical conspiracy ? These and many more are the questions lot of us have to ask about 5G.

This is the big brother to LTE. Its expected by 2025, this new broadband network would have totally replaced 4G. Telecom companies across the world have welcome this new technology. But the emergence of covid19 have make it a bit controversial. The announcement of 5g when the pandemic has just started further encouraged this myth.

5G: The myth and the facts

In several countries, There have been consistent attacks on telecom mast. Even in some areas in the United Kingdom, network mast has been set ablaze.  Further examples of countries where such attacks had been carried out also is the Netherland. These myths around 5g, are so many.

5G Network- The Facts

5g network are back with strong local Antenna. Low power transceiver, the local antennas support telephone network. The internet is backed by strong bandwidth optical fiber.


The latest telecom technology will deliver a downloading speed of 100mb/s. This means that you can download a 5k hd video within sec. data transfer rate would be very high. For 4g to reach this output it will take a some added LAN technologies. This is incomparable to the standard 5g network.

IOT (Internet of Things)

What more could be better than a stable NETFLIX from your mobile devices. Cars, Refrigerator set, ATM machines coming out with grand techs. This means a better enjoyment. Video streaming  better. All these are lesser things that could be done with 5G.


The health sector will  benefit greatly from 5G. Lot of health technologies would be improved upon using the new telecom tech.


Samsung galaxy s20 is the first major full fledge 5G phone. It launched at whooping sum of $1000. This can be due to the higher cost of building a 5g Chipset . Nokia 8.3 also integrated 5G technologies it has a landing cost of 599 euro, Apple iPhone 12 and 12pro also launched with this technology.

What are scientists saying about 5G Network ?

Generally scientists have accepted 5G. it is believed among scientist it’s safe. Meanwhile different scientists from different countries have questioned the safety of 5G. In some countries, implementation has been stopped over concerns for safety. However, there are gradual roll out in some other countries.

Will 5g Network replace 4g ?

Not anytime soon. As we still use our LTE mobile with 3G, 5G and 4G would co-exist, Therefore any phone capable of 5G will also be capable of 4G. Likewise the slow network experienced sometimes with WIFI OR 4G. We will have a better option that can enable us have a more stable network.

The myth around 5G has been disproved. But naturally, the technologies that are used have their own hazardous effect.  The International  EMF scientist Appeal, release a statement that effects include high cancer risk, cognitive damages like memory and learning deficits, the radiation from 5g techs can also affect plants and animals. This is why during implementation proximity will be an object of concern. Follow this link to read what Ericson have to say about 5G


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